When is it time to throw your bag away?


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Jan 15, 2006
I threw away two well-loved bags this week. One was an olive-green suede Ferragamo structured hobo with hematite-colored hardware, and the other was a large Kate Spade loden handbag with double handles made of soft brown leather.

I'd gotten so many compliments on each, but the handle of the Ferragamo was just starting to tear, and the corners of the KS bag were getting worn. The only way to ease the pain was by buying two new bags.

What does it take for you to throw a well-loved bag away?
I don't think I could ever throw my purses away. I have a very old and worn prada (first high end purse)..the handles have turned green and it's very out of shape. I still haven't thrown it away...I just can't.
same with me, it would be like kicking my granny out of the house;), i just can't throw them away. i prefer to give them to the kindergarden so the little girls can play with them.
I would never get rid of any of my bags! Besides- if they're in great shape when we have kids, we can give them to our daughters, I have this great silver bag from the 80's that my mom gave to me!
Yes, a bit. And it was hard to do.
But hanging onto worn and tattered things can't be good for my psyche, can it? I think it's valuable to let go every so often if only to make room for new things. It's a struggle, but I try to embrace a luxurious minimalism, as much as possible.
Hoodster777 said:
I would never get rid of any of my bags! Besides- if they're in great shape when we have kids, we can give them to our daughters, I have this great silver bag from the 80's that my mom gave to me!

ptsh my mom has never given me one of her bags! not sure she ever will, lol
I usually will donate my low-end bags such as Guess and Nine West bags to the charity, but I will definitely keep my more high-end bags for a very long time especially if they were given by your special love ones.
I might be the only one that does this, but I sell them on Ebay. I know some teenagers who may not be able to afford such high-end bags will want a used but well taken-care-of bag at a fraction of the price. Plus, it makes me feel good knowing that I found another loving home for by babies! Albeit this doesn't happen frequently, but when the time comes, why not get a little $ in return??;) :lol:
I've held onto the first purse I owned, which was given to me by my mother close to 25 years ago - a tiny, zip-top Coach with a long, cross-body strap. The burgundy leather is so highly burnished that it's shiny and almost black, but I just can't bear to part with it for sentimental reasons. During my periodic closet sweeps I take it out, hold it, and remember those days when my mom finally began to see that I was growing up. She was a big fan of LV at the time, but felt that the small Coach purses were more appropriate for a teenage girl. How times have changed!

I have a handful of other old (oops... "vintage" :biggrin:) Coach purses that my mother bought for me from my teens through my early twenties whose fate I've only now started to ponder (I'm currently forty).

I gave several that were still in really good condition to a co-worker/friend just last week. I noticed that she only carries one purse... a vintage Coach circa 1985, and it's really "well-loved." She also has four young daughters, the oldest of which is reaching the age where she's starting to play "dress up like a lady" seriously. I figured my co-worker could use a replacement for her bag as well - I happened to have one that was exactly the same style as hers except a different color - red with British tan trim rather than all British tan.
Ah...memories... :love: Anyone else have memories attached to handbags they'd like to share?
I don't think I will ever throw any away until there's a hgue gaping hole at the bottom that it's just too ridiculous to keep. If it's some fraying or somethign with the strap, I'll attempt to get it fixed.