When is it time to put the patents away--seasonally speaking?

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  1. I am carrying my navy jumbo patent and will do so through the summer, but patent is a spring/summer thing--yes?
  2. I don't personally see patent as a seasonal texture.
    Suede or velvet seems wintery, but everything else pretty much seems year 'round to me.
  3. Yes...I agree w/Swanky. Actually, Chanel has a really nice black patent leather bag for Fall 2007 (maybe a Pre-fall) and it's a really funky. It almost looks like a clutch as well. I posted pics of it...I have it already.
  4. i hope it's year round i just got 2 patent bags! i agree that suede is winter/fall. i think wool is too. patent worries me for summer a little as i think maybe it will be sticky? but i'm going to try anyway! lol.
  5. You can use it year round but it is in for just only a period of time and will be out due to the fashion cycle. Anyway, Chanel is classic no matter what it is a patent or not.
  6. I think it's fine year-round. At least I hope so, I have two patent bags as well...:P
  7. ^you think?
    I think Chanel's patent leather designs are timeless:yes:
  8. lol butterflie! we need to start a year round revolution!
  9. Patent owners unite!! :lol:
  10. This is very reassuring since you have such impeccable taste Swanky!! :yes:
  11. ITA with Jenn and Swanky, patent, especially Chanel patent, is something I consider to be year round and classic. That being said, if I owned a white patent bag, I might not carry that in the winter haha, but pretty much any other color is fair game! :smile: I have two patents - navy patent e/w (which I think is great with jeans, and I wear jeans year round), and a rose patent flap (which I might not wear as much in the winter, but it depends on where I'm going and what I'm wearing)! :smile:
  12. my two are not classic patent but the diamond shines which are more like caviar patent which is a little less shiny i think. but i also got patent shoes recently...
  13. I think it is year round... especially a bag that is so dark.
    Patent has been around forever, how can it go in and out of style? :shrugs:
  14. I think patent is year round as well. Just as Swanky said, I tend to think suede/velvet is more wintery.

  15. ITA Swanky! :yes: