When is it appropriate to start wearing fur?

  1. Just out of curiosity, because I've had the worst cold and chills since wednesday and have been wearing my furs to school! People are looking at me quite odd (more odd than they would at me, a guy, wearing fur in winter) and I'm affraid it seems ostentatious (more so than wearing fur in the first place). But I don't have any other coats that are comfortable for me with my chills. And please, for those of you who don't wear or support fur, I'm perfectly fine with that. Just please, don't put any kind of message on here trying to make me change my way of thinking. I hope that's not offensive.
  2. I'd say that as soon as you're cold enough then go ahead and wear whatever will keep you warm.

    Off topic - I was in Chicago last week and there were a couple of really cold days there (for me anyway). Great city you live in - I really loved it!
  3. Oh, it's lovely! It can get to be a bit too cold for me though! I've always wanted to visit the Netherlands. From the pictures I've seen, it looks really beautiful.
  4. The odd looks are probably because of the fur in general....
  5. Wow, that's a little harsh...but true, I suppose...and if you'll look back at what I typed in the parenthesis, I already said that...
  6. I personally love fur! I would love to own one someday. I think if the weather is cold, bring out the fur!!
  7. I yhought the reply was factual rather than harsh - there was no judgement. some people don't like to see others wearing fur, so if it were true of your onlookers, then yes, they would stare.

    On the other hand it is still mid-september so I guess I would stare too if I saw aperson in say, a big ski parka (for example), fur or no fur :smile:
  8. there's alays vintage...:wlae:
  9. Yes, I probably took the statement a little too far. I'm just a tad irritable because of being sick for so long.
  10. Ever try one of those northface parkas that go down to at least your knees? paired with a fleece.. like heaven! And if you still love the furry feeling, they usually have a faux fur detatchable collar to keep you warm. and wool gloves! Dont skimp on socks, causes thats the main source besides your ears that release body heat.
  11. Thank you aarti! I don't know why I didn't think of that, but I'll certainly look more normal haha! Well, as normal as I'll ever be. Anyhow, thanks!
  12. Try wearing a hat. Apparently, we lose some ridiculous percentage of our body heat out of the top of our heads, so it should help. :yes:
  13. if your cold and it warms you up ? I say wear it ! I personally cannot wait to bust out my furs , so I am jealous !
  14. Thanks for all the advice ladies!
    chloehandbags: i heard that too. unfortunatly, I've only got a cotton fedora hat :-/ i need to add hats to the list of things to get for fall lol

    sophialee: i know! i can't just wait for the snow to fall to wear furs. i'm so happy when i'm wearing them :biggrin:
  15. I think it depends on what subjects you are studying...accounting...no fur;
    interior design - yes; finance - no; retailing - yes; computers - no. So maybe in your business classes you are getting the looks? Anyway, it doesn't matter...what matters is that you are comfortable and warm. You don't want to get sick. There was a time when hats worn during the winter looked silly, but I wore one anyway because I didn't want to get sick. Whatever works for you because you have to look out for you....you're number 1! Who needs the misery of a cold? There's enough craziness in the world.