when is holts second cut?

  1. Any one knows when is their second cut? after x'mas? I went to bloor today...seems everything is still same price as a few weeks ago. I want to get some shoes, wondering if this is good time to get it now or wait till boxing day? TIA!!
  2. Holts has already marked down their 40% stuff to 50%. If you wait till Boxing day, it will be a further 10%.

    What Fall stuff wasn't on sale, is now on sale too.
  3. I was in the Calgary store yesterday and there was sadly nothing that interesting, on sale or regular price.
  4. I think there may be 25% off today - but that's usually only on regularly priced stuff.
  5. I am eyesing a pair booties from Jimmy Choo...It is now 40% off...would that happen to have further mark down on boxing day? like what Jayne said...extra 10% off? TIA~~Happy holiday everyone!!
  6. If it does go down another 10%, you may have to use your Holts/AmEx card to get the discount...
  7. wow...this is so evil, I don't have holts credti card!! So I guess I will pass then!! I saw same booties in Saks for $300+, but here in Canada, it is $568 plus tax. I will try to contact Saks tmr then if holts doesn't lower their price.
  8. yes i received a card that said most items can be 10% off only on dec.26 (excluding cosmetics, tiffanys, etc.). and u must use the holts amer express card. my SA told me there is a 2nd mark down for some items also. unfortunately the marc jacobs purse i want is not :sad:
  9. ^^ Probably not for awhile. If you want more of a discount, you may have to wait for 'Now or Never' in February but everything is really picked over by then.
  10. Went to 2 Holts today (Bloor and Yorkdale) - some stuff looked like it was additionally marked down, plus they had the 10% off for Holts Amex holders. Finally, the prices are more reasonable (first cut discount was a joke). I bought a pair of Dior booties for $350 (reg $789) and a Smythe wool coat for just under $300 (reg $650).

    RE 25% off day - I think it only happens once a year, the Saturday 2 weeks prior to Xmas. There may be one in the summer but I have no idea when...