When is Enough Enough?

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  1. It's almost to the point of ridiculousness. When is enough enough? Six months ago there was a lovefest in here with Rebecca being the Head Goddess of Handbags. She even graced you with her presence. She met up with Megs. She offered discounts, Special orders. Everyone was enthralled.

    What did you all receive in compensation for your adoration? Months and months of waiting for bags. RM taking care of your money in the meantime. Numerous bags sent out with deplorable packing (if there is any packing involved at all). Rudeness over the phone, no answers to emails, or answers to emails that went unanswered, Bags that are marked and mismatched.

    It's obvious that RM itself does not respect it's own product to let bad specimens go out with no packing and then Cha-Chinge....another 600 bucks in their pocket.

    I have never been a Minkette. I would be embarrassed to be a Minkette. The person I want to follow and take on it's name has to have higher qualifications.

    And do I love the RM bags I have? YES! Will I buy more? YES! But my husband asked me what I pre-ordered and when I would get them and I told him time would tell. I may never see them. Isn't that sad to admit.
  2. It makes me sad to say it but I agree with you -- I am tolerant of CS mistakes at times because after all everyone is human and deserves a break, but this is beyond ridiculous. The subpar CS and QC at RM now seems to be the rule and not the exception, unfortunately. Where I do part ways with you, however, is with regard to your intent to keep on buying RM's products (though of course this is your right, and it's your money). Like I said in another thread earlier today, I am at the point at which I will not be buying anymore RM bags, despite my love for the designs. However, in all fairness I am not going to do this until I have made a good-faith effort to let RM and her staff know just why I am disturbed by the ongoing CS and QC situation, and give them the chance to respond -- if only for my own piece of mind.

    I know it seems ludicrous, but what seems so obvious to us might not be so clear to them. (Though I sincerely doubt it).

    Maybe we could come up with some sort of way to constructively communicate with RM and her staff about this?
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    I still love RM, probably because I have bought over a dozen bags and (knock on wood) not had a single bag experience. The bags have all been amazing quality and I've always received fast, respectful responses from the girls who work at RM.
    I have only read about the horror stories on TPF. Even if I did have a bad experience - I would still try to give RM the benefit of the doubt. They are still a very small and growing company. Her popularity has grown far faster than her resources and staff. I believe they have admitted that in the past.

    Lexie - You seem upset and rightfully so - if you have had these bad experiences personally. You are definately entitled to your opinion, but I think some of what you said was harsh. Especially the part about being embarrassed to be a Minkette. You may offend some girls with that comment.

    Each time someone sends her $600, I highly doubt RM is purposely sending out defective bags while doing an evil laugh in her office. (This is a joke) :supacool:

    I do question why you say you will continue to buy RMs after your comments? It's clear you feel strongly and some people could consider your comments contradictory when you continue to support her business.
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    Enough, for me, would be when I personally have a bad experience with Rebecca Minkoff, the product or Rebecca herself. Fortunately, I have not had any bad experiences. My bags have functioned perfectly for their purpose, garnered many compliments and made me, my friends, my clients and customers very happy. I have met Rebecca and her team and find them charming, likeable and fun. I'm sorry that many of you have had problems with CS and RM the company....but I personally find it distressing that some of the attacks have been quite personal, toward her, as a person. I personally don't know her, but business is business. If you are disatisfied with the business, don't give RM Inc. business. But the personal attacks on Rebecca's integrity ie. 'she should know better' is unnecessary.
  5. I can understand your frustation because when I'm paying good money I expect good customer care. That's why if I don't get the service, then I'm no longer the customer. But that is just how I am, and everyone is entitled to their opinion and decision. About the comment, I think you're being honest about not being a so-called Minkette. I don't see any offense in that. But I've always said that people can't offend; people get offended. I believe that how you feel is our choice; no one can make us feel anything. I'm sure people who get offended frequently will disagree! :P
  6. I call myself a Minkette. I like that her bags are made in the US, and not mass-produced so I'm willing to overlook a certain "homemade" quality. I actually like the unfinished handles, though I admit the handle floppiness on the older MA's is a problem.

    I haven't ordered from the RM website (except a strap-- we'll see how that goes!) because the shipping is nuts and I'd rather order from a professional retailer rather than a showroom.

    Basically, I love RM because the prices are manageable for me, the leather is better quality than many more expensive bags, and I think she has fantastic taste and vision as a designer. She seem to be having some growing pains with her business-- I hope she doesn't go the way of Kate Spade.
  7. Well said girl. I agree. If I had bad experiences like some others I would probably be over it and move on. Fortunately for me I have not had any bad experiences and love the product.
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    While I can see your points, I disagree that it's a personal attack to say that she should know better. It's HER company, with HER name on it. If her CS is p*ss poor, than she is going to have to take responsibility for that. If her warehouse is doing an awful job with QC & shipping, then she needs to do whatever she can to assess and fix that situation, asap. If she wants to keep her company in the black, in a time like this where money is tight, then that is her responsibility. No offense, but she is not my buddy, or my friend. She's a designer who is making a product that is supposed to be of a certain quality level, and in turn, is making a profit off of me. She's made a choice to be chatty in here, and make herself known to us, and available to us on certain occasions. But some backlash may come to her, due to that accessibility. Especially when there are numerous issues with quality, CS... Honestly, I'm assuming (maybe wrongly) but she should have expected it. I don't need to have any loyalty to her personally, really. I would never say anything personally attacking her, or of the like. But I will have no problem expressing my unhappiness and dislike at the issues I've had with her products. You have to have a thick skin to work in business, and you have to be able to take criticism. I'm not going to sugarcoat my distaste over issues I've had with her bags. Why should I? She didn't do me any favors. I didn't get them for free. I paid for them. Out of my pocket, and into hers.

    Like you said yourself, business is business. The bottom line is, she is making lots and lots of money off of her customers, and it is her job to put that money where her mouth is, in terms of the quality, construction, CS and so on of her business. She got into this business, and if she didn't (and I'm not attacking her or saying that she didn't) know what she was getting herself into, then that is not our (unhappy customers) faults. Business (especially fashion) is rough, and you need to be on top of your game if you plan on being in it for the long haul. If you want to be a brand with staying power, you do need to "know better" so to say. Especially when it's your name plastered all over the line.

    And I totally agree that if you are seriously unhappy with a company, business, designer...you should stop giving them your $. But I disagree that it's the only way to go about it. Businesses will never see a need to improve or push past just sub-par CS, quality..unless pushed by their customers. I would think the drive of wanting a happy clientèle, along with a fat bank account, would be what most designers want. :yes:
  9. Well, I've always viewed the RM company to be set up and more focused on the wholesale end. Their main focus is not direct-to-consumer sales, and it shows because of the lack of attention it receives. For that reason, I choose to order from other retailers.

    Even though the CS is bad, their product is still exceptional, so I keep buying for that reason. I just order from someone I know will take care of me.

    One more thing to note: Most of the people probably don't have bad experiences with them - its just that when everything goes as planned, noone comes on here to write about it. All we do hear about is when things go horribly wrong. This can result in a slightly skewed perception of the company and its ability to function.
  10. I wholeheartedly disagree. Have you seen how many threads there are where people are literally gushing over how perfect their RM bags are, how happy they are with them, and to show off their ever growing collections?! The Minkette's are wild about their bags, and can't wait to show off new purchases and talk excitedly about pre-orders & such.

    There are faaaaaaaaaaaaaar more posts & threads showing RM bags in a positive light, than there are people who are unhappy with their purchases. This entire forum is 99% positive people who are are on cloud 9 with their Minkoff's!

    But I still believe that there is always a place (and should always be a place) for people on the other side of that coin, who have had bad experiences and such. :yes:
  11. Sorry, I meant to reply to your post all in one, but I got it messed up. :Push:

    If RM is better with just doing wholesale, than maybe that would be best for them. To stop selling on the website, and just deal with wholesale. But if you are going to come on here and drum up sales, and pre-orders, and special orders & the like, then I strongly believe you need to be able to go through with those transactions in a timely, efficient & responsible way. If you can't do that, then just stop. Seriously.

    And while it's excellent for you, having never had any QC issues with your bags, it's obvious that the product is not really "exceptional" as a whole. It's seeming to be a gamble, where some people (like yourself) get lucky, and others strike out. Sometimes repeatedly.
  12. You make a good point. I purchased several RM's and unfortunately, they didn't work out for me. Perhaps Lexie should re-consider her future investments. :confused1:

    I must say that with respect to the above, I handled my complaints privately. Although they were NEVER resolved, I'm mostly empathizing with people's negative experiences b/c I've been there.

    And I think rather than contacting people like Cory, or Cody, or RM Maven, etc.....I would contact Rebecca directly. That way the message goes directly to the Designer.

    Circoit, I must respectfully disagree about an exceptional product. I find the handles on the RM MAB's & MAM's totally unacceptable. The flimsy filling doesn't cut it and if you sift through the posts, many have complained and the problem continues as stated by Hitchcock Blonde's review of the new Fall 08 bags. The handles remain as flimsy as they were. So, unfortunately, the product is not exceptional.

    And Circoit, could you clarify your point regarding selling to wholesalers or retailers?? Are they instead to take the beating?? And where does that leave all the latest custom orders???? Money taken up front and product delivered months later.....and your CC being charged interest. Does that seem right???

    Hmmmm......if I purchase a BMW and I have problem with it, I contact the dealership, but if the dealership can't resolve it, then I have to contact BMW.

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    And I agree with a lot of what ThatGirlGotSoul and Contessa said. Thanks for sharing your views openly. I still love my RM bags!
  14. The way I see it, Rebecca is listening to her customers complaints and addressing quality issues. The handles on the MABs are now finished - no more rough edges. People complained about the brass hardware tarnishing, so she designed new hardware. The older bags didn't have leather trim around the top of the inside pockets, so those were an added addition. I believe she is addressing the issue of mismatched panels on Nikkis, because we haven't seen any examples of badly matched panels on fall bags (yet).

    I'm fine with people voicing their dissatisfaction with a product, but it starts to get really annoying when a forum starts to get filled with threads entirely devoted to tiresome, negative rants (I'm not talking about posts where people post pictures of a defective product they've received and people respond with sympathy or shared disgust - just about threads like this one where nothing new or interesting is added to the conversation).
  15. No offense, but if you are tired of reading about people's dissatisfactions, then why do you?

    If you haven't had any issues with your bags, then why bother to read these threads at all? It would be so easy to skip past them and ignore. And honestly, this forum is far from being "filled" with negative threads.

    And I'm sorry if you find our anger at spending lots of $ on defective bags, and having horrible customer service experiences "tiring" and "negative", but just ignore us and be pleased that you're one of the lucky ones who has had no need to complain.

    Not speaking to you personally, but possibly some of us who feel unhappy with our bags & service sometimes feel put-down upon by the RM "cheerleaders" who come into the few threads where we can voice our bummed out thoughts, and just whine and complain about us for being negative complainers. Ironic, no? ;)

    There are always 2 sides to every coin. :yes: