When is enough enough for you?


Jan 24, 2007
Near A Spa
The recent price increase put a lot of things in perspective for me, specifically, my future with LV. Don't get me wrong, I LVoe the brand and I am a very loyal customer. But I just cannot see myself paying anymore for these beauties.

Can you imagine paying more than $800 for a Speedy 25? I can't, which is why I am beginning to look into buying from consignment shops. Granted, times change and prices must reflect the that. I guess my question to all you LV lovers is: What will be your tipping point?

At this point for me, I am willing to pay full price for items that are hard to come by, but for others, I will wait for them to come to me.


Jul 20, 2008
I am newbie to LV, for me it really depends on how much I want the bag! I make good money but most of my purchases this year is from selling off my Coach collection. If It's a bag I will use everyday and I really want it I will probably buy it. If it's something that I would like but don't see myself using everyday and accessories then I will look to ebay or consignment shops. I'm not made of money either lol I plan on purchasing a MC Speedy this year and then if I want another bag I need to start saving in a special account for my bag fund! LOL yes, the prices are getting crazy even though the times are changing...

I think it depends on the person, thier income and how much they value LV. I am willing to fork out more money because at least I know the bag is going to keep some value and they don't go on sale, this has become important to me.



nyan nyan percent
Oct 19, 2005
Toronto, Ontario
To be honest.. I probably will only stop if it becomes on par with Chanel or Hermes.

Until then.. cannot stop !!! :graucho:


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Jul 6, 2007
I have been taking a serious look at what I already have and am trying to just get purses that will fill a "hole" in my purse wardrobe and will have staying power. There are really no LV purses right now that are must haves for me, though I would like an Alma (and I have a Galleria PM on its way shortly).

I had not been checking this thead that much so the price increase caught me unawares. That being said, there is one item, a scarf, that I would really like, but since I have already missed the increase, I will probably wait until October or November to get it.


Call me Kenny.
May 2, 2006
London, England
As Ayla says, once on par with Chanel & Hermes which seems a bit impossible as they increase their prices significantly also. I wouldn't spend anymore than $2000 on a Canvas bag though, that's my limit. I find that $1500 is a bit much but you just can't help it if you love it I guess. I'd pay more for limited items though.


Aug 20, 2008
I'll stop when the more affordable pieces become a lot more expensive. Like alot of members here said, when it reaches Chanel's/Hermes/dior's limit then that's when things go downhill for me. Right now and another few years, it will be a good time for me to grab all the goodies now before it gets out of hand. I hope to be able to get the pieces I want before it's too late.


LV and MJ obsession
Dec 22, 2007
Well, to be honest I would not spend over $800 for a mono Speedy. I already have 2 speedy's...I may add a third before the prices go up again..I absolutely LVoe LV, and I probably will continue to purchase my "must have" bags even after prices go up again..but there is a limit to what I will spend for a basic mono bag...

Deleted member 20806

I'll stop when a cles is 800. But the prices are OK right now


Jan 24, 2007
Near A Spa
I'll stop when a cles is 800. But the prices are OK right now

A mere cles...$800?:roflmfao: I don't know why I am so tickled by this. I guess the thought of a small item such as the LV cles costing $800 is just so utterly and completely ridiculous that it's funny...yet, somehow with the tri-annual price hikes this could very well become a reality. :wtf:
May 27, 2006
I used to buy & buy & buy. Then I sold & sold & sold. Right now I have 2 & only 2 bags in my collection. My Mono Petit Bucket aka 'First Love' & my Damier Speedy 30 :heart::heart::heart:. For accessories, I have the PTI wallet, the mono Accessories Pochette & the accessories pouch that came with the Petit Bucket. I have everything I need. With the state of the economy & jobs just so iffy now, I've found that I need to save more. I just bought my Speedy 2 months ago & can see myself carrying it for years, if need be. I'd love to have some of my 'want' bags-Denim neo cabby, Mirage Speedy, but I think I'm going to have to stop for now. I am, however, having a wonderful time living vicariously thru all of you.

*Note* If I do take the plunge & buy a bag sometime in the near future, I've made myself a promise that it will only be something classic. Something that I can pull out in 5 years that will still be fresh.


Jan 23, 2008
The prices will always increase due to inflation. A retired colleage once saw me with speedy 30, she said that when she bought hers years back, it was only about USD250.

I think many people are starting to feel the impact of a poor economy right now and the several price increases this year were to adjust for the currency value of USD.

Personally, I'll buy and I make sure I sell too. So my spending do not go out of hand.


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Jul 9, 2008
Detroit, Michigan
I will not sell but I will limit. Maybe only one or 2 bags a year. LV is up there with Chanel Chanel shopping tote (the one in my wish list is 2010 i think) The new quilted LV mono is 2800. The highbury 1800!!! Hermes Evelyn 3 is gm is like 2400. LV prices are up there. Though I am starting to love Hermes. I love how they are made and most people do not know what they are.