When is Damier Neverfulll coming out? also, Neverfull or Bh?

  1. I thought Damier Ebone was due in Nov but it is already Dec.

    I love the Mono but I wanted to compare it to Damier...

    any ideas?

    also, neverfull or BH? what would be your choice?

  2. oops. I did more search and found a thread in LV ref. section.
    So it was postponed till next year between march and june...

    I heard new BH or something coming out next year as well.. is that true?

    I need a shoulder bag and can't decide if I should wait or not...

  3. wish they had Damier Batignolles. haha.
  4. i LOVE the bh. i prefer it over the neverfull.