When Is Big Summer Sale For Barneys??

  1. HEllo girls..
    I'm planning NY trip in MAY but I was wondering when is big Barney's summer sale?? I know their summer sale is pretty good..anybody???
    Thank you
  2. My guess is somewhere around the second week of june
  3. Thank you Litiatrix
  4. i'd wait for more responses before you schedule a plane ticket! It may be later than that.
  5. alright~:smile: Thanks
  6. I called Barneys last week with the same question and the SA didn't know but guessed it would be mid-June. Better to wait for exact dates so it's not a wasted trip.
  7. yeah, it was about mid june last year. they had some amazing deals! so did the other dept stores.
  8. mid june....?
    anyone has a regular Barneys SA who is nice?