When is best month to sell on ebay???

  1. Do you think its better to sell in September, after labor day then in August? eBay experts please advise.
  2. Yes, I think so. I also do very well in December, as many people are shopping for gifts.
  3. Yeah September through about March are good for me. The summer is pretty slow, I've made some decent sales but it's a lot slower now than it is normally.
  4. I don't sell much but I have had really good luck in Sept-Dec.
  5. I generally sell between late September into mid-May. Summer is really slow.
  6. Ain't that the truth....
  7. Great!. Thanks for the advise ladies. What month is good for no reserve starting at .99 cents auction listing?
  8. Strangely, January seems to be a good month for me, and the week between Christmas and New Year's day was incredible last year!!
  9. Summer is always slow but for UK sellers there has been a huge slump for ages now with our auctions not showing up on USA site. I would urge everyone to use worldwide when searching.

  10. hey roz

    how would you do the search for that??
  11. december and january are always the best for me. Spring is the slowest, tax time i guess..
  12. ITA with everyone- late November, December, and early January seem to be the "golden" months to list, probably because of Christmas shopping before the 25th and "after-Christmas" shopping thereafter with money people got for Christmas.

  13. Probably people spending their Christmas gift money and/or the money they've received from returning unwanted gifts! :biggrin:

  14. You search normally and then under 'Search Options' (which is about half way down the lefthand side of the listings page) you select 'Worldwide' in the flip down menu and then click the 'Show Items' button (which is directly below all the Search Options).

    HTH! :biggrin:
  15. December rocks!