When is a reasonable time to wait before doing a chargeback?


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Oct 10, 2006
I bought an expensive saddle ($2200) on EBay from a new seller. The auction ended on 11/23 and I paid via Paypal after the seller and I exchanged a few emails regarding shipping. I have been attempting to contact the seller via phone and emails since my payment and it is like she fell off the face of the earth since receiving my payment.

I have repeatedly asked for my tracking number and for her to contact me. I have called her and left her a massage and nada response.

I just have a bad feeling about this.....what is an acceptable time of waiting before doing a chargeback when you have not received the item AND the seller cut off all contact?? TIA!

Also, she only lives about an hour and a half from me, so the saddle would be here within 2 days at the most even with snail mail at this time of year.
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Nov 14, 2006
i dont think you need to do a chargeback, file claim with paypal and i am sure they will side with you.


Aug 20, 2006
Since it has only been about 4 days, I would wait a little longer. Maybe the seller has been out-of-town for Thanksgiving and has not received your messages. You could also try contacting them by filing a dispute in Paypal. I think this will still freeze any funds in the account.