When is a handbag considered misrepresented?

I always find things like "pet home" or details on "cat home" "Dog home" to be helpful, as it's possible that animals may rub on those items if they are in the home, or hair may transfer to them as it does to clothing.

I find smoke (cigar, cigarette, etc) of ANY type should be documented as part of the environment, as much as you document animals, mothballs or anything else that can significantly play a role in the condition of the bag based on the environment it was in.

I mean if you were in a flood, and there was high humidity, and the bag got oxidation because of it, wouldn't that need to be disclosed? :smile:


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Mar 28, 2006
Montgomery, AL
I think it is helpful to put in a listing if the bag is coming from a smoking/pet home. That way the seller can say "Although I do not notice any odors, if you are sensitive to cigarette smoke or pet dander please be aware this bag comes from a home with smokers/pets." I think that's full disclosure. I once sold a bag that smelled of perfume. I noted in the listing that although the smell was pleasant, if someone is sensitive to perfume smells they should not consider my item.