When is a favor not a favor?

  1. Last week, Monday to be exact, my next door neighbor offered to do me a favor that would involve buying something for me at a store where he gets a substantial discount. I had no idea he got a discount at this store, and did not ask him to do this for me.

    He works for a very well known musical group with a hit off Broadway show and he gets a discount at a large, chain music shop. We are looking to buy a rather expensive digital piano for my youngest son and I was just asking my neighbor if he had any suggestions on which one to buy when he offered to go to the store and purchase it for me, therefore affording me a $150 discount!

    Now, this was last Monday, he knows exactly which one we want, etc., etc.. Last Wednesday or Thursday he bumped into my hubby in the hall and said he was very busy that week and would make the purchase for us this week. Now, it is Wednesday again (ok-it is early Wednesday), and, so far, no purchase. I don't want to be a nag about this-but, we would really like to get the piano before it sells out (plus, honestly, I want to have it in the house already!). How much longer do I wait until I ask him about it again?

    I am not the most patient person in the world and this waiting is driving me bonkers-if we weren't going to save such a large amount-I would just forget about it. What say you all? Do I continue to sit and wait, or do I say something?
  2. No opinions?
  3. I would politely tell him that you need it by a certain date for some reason (maybe your son starts lessons next week or something) and ask him if he's able to get it by this date. Tell him if he can't then it's totally okay and you'll just go pick it up on your own.

    If you phrase it politely then it should be fine.

  4. I agree. You should politely remind him since he OFFERED!
  5. I agree with thte others. I would ask him already, don't wait. I'm pretty impatient too!
  6. You need to remind him. Tell him your son needs it by xxx date and you need to know whether you should explore other options. I'm the obsessive type. This would drive me nuts.