When is a bag considered vintage???

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  1. I just wanted to know cuz I've seen people say that their LV bag is "vintage"...What is the criteria for such a title?

    I know the Speedy mono I just bought was made in 95, or at least the bag says "SP 0995", So I am assuming that is was made September 1995?Is my bag vintage, or is it not old enough?I mean I'm not complaining,lol, I LOVE vintage stuff and the bag is in great condition....I just wanna know what category to put my bag in?Do I say it's a vintage Speedy 30 or Just a Speedy 30,lol.
  2. For me when I think vintage I think 20+ years for a bag. But that is JMO.
  3. To me when something is 15+ years old OR LV has discontinued the model, one or the other.
  4. I would consider a bag "vintage" if it were made by the French Co.
  5. anything prior to 1985.....jmo
  6. i dont think it has to be discontinued because there are many vintage speedys, keepalls, and steamers etc
  7. Interesting, but l think John, might have nailed it.....made by French Co x
  8. Just a thought, my Chanel xl jumbo is 92/94 at thats called Vintage.....??????
  9. I don't think there's a hard and fast rule. I'd call a bag vintage if it was 15+ years old or a discontinued item that wasn't seasonal or part of a limited run.
  10. vintage comes from the french "vingt ans d'age" : 20 years of age
  11. yep, I consider 20+ to be vintage.
  12. I agree, 15 to 20 years would be considered vintage and especially French Co. items.

    If you own anything prior to French Co., you should guard with your life!! LOL!
  13. ITA :tup: or over 20 yrs old
  14. I love vintage bags.. and I agree that it must be over 20 years old to be vintage.
  15. i dont have a personal opinion on what makes a bag vintage...but wanted to mention that the bag u have was made in the 9th week of '95...its week and year. congrats!