When in Rome?

  1. After having a very long (and frustrating :rant:) conversation with my Great Aunt, I thought I should ask you all for your opinions.

    Here's an example situation (which isn't too far from mine):

    You have just moved to a new country and you are starting to adjust to their customs. You work 5-6 days a week (Monday-Saturday) and the only day that you really have free to do any work is on Sunday. You do your laundry on Sunday and hang it outside to dry, because you don't yet have a dryer and Sunday is the only day you can do laundry in the week.

    In the country you're living in, Sunday is a day of rest - meaning that NO work is being done. No car washing, no floor washing, no laundry, no painting, nothing.

    ...When you're in a situation like that, do you still do your laundry on Sunday even though people will look and say things (Gotta love living in a small town where nobody knows how to keep their mouths shut) or do you mind your own business and do what you want when you have to do it?
  2. Well, personally I would do whatever I wanted to and blame it on being a "foreigner." ;)
  3. That's what I would do, but the thing that pisses me off the most is the comments that I get from some people. In our new place, we've got to rip down the old wallpaper, and we wanted to do it tomorrow since my mom works all week and I've got to try and get an appointment for my car. But when I even mention the thought of possibly doing it on a sunday, I get the "OMG, NO!1!" talk. :censor:
  4. I would go for it. I mean you know small towns, nothing better to do than talk about each others business. That's their problem though. When else will you have time to do it?! If they say something, ask them when they would suggest you do it? and if they are so concerned, maybe they can come and do your laundry for you since the only free time you have is on Sunday.
  5. People probably just don't want to adjust their old ways to someone new. They need to get over themselves and realize that people live different ways. Just do what you need to do to get what you need done, don't let anybody run your own life!
  6. cant you hang the clothes out at the back or something where they can not see? Ive heard of traditions like that, my friend went to the middle east and asked someone to take a photo of him and his family but they refussed because it was the sabath
  7. Do what you need to do, just do what you can not to flaunt it.
  8. exactlyl, just do what you normally would do.