When In LA......

  1. Where do you shop? I'll be there for only 48 hours and want to hit some trendy places...should I just go to Robertson Blvd and do Kitson, etc.?
  2. Oooohh,,, I like Fred Segal on Melrose (or Santa Monica). Also a must visit to Neiman's (shoe department at a minimum) and gee,,, since Saks is so close by why not stop there too! Those are my top three when visiting LA.
  3. If you're looking for bags, I like going to the boutiques on Rodeo Drive, since you've got Prada, Chanel, Valentino, Ferragamo, Coach, Buberry, LV, YSL, Gucci, etc. all within 2-3 blocks. Then I run down to Wilshire Blvd and hit Barneys, Saks, and NM. You can do the whole circuit within a couple hours as long as you're efficient with your time and don't dawdle :P
  4. Rodeo is a MUST! As you walk into Prada, look down INSIDE of the sidewalk for a strange surprise! Gucci is great there too! Vuitton. Chanel. It's all there...

    As mentioned, go to Melrose and visit Fred Segal. There are a few stores at the Beverly Center that I like. Vuitton and if you're with a guy - go to Traffic. It's downstairs. Has fantastic designer mens wear.
  5. Ok here are the hotspots for LA:

    Fred Segal (be sure to visit - beware of papparazi though! there are lots of celebs that go and you WILL get shoved out of the way if anyone famous is there...bastards lol) My fav is the Santa Monica one but you can go to the Melrose one and do some boutique strolling in one shot.

    If you go to the Santa Monica one - you can also go to the Pavillion while there and lunch at 3rd Street Prominade

    Rodeo - even if it is just for novelty sake - you must go!

    Hollywood & Highland - very touristy, but with LV, Gucci and coach and lots more plus you can see some hollywood touristy stuff (stars walk of fame, chinese theater, kodak theater etc.) while getting your shopping fix. Again, watch out for papparazzi

    or you can try a customized a'la carte LA experience by logging onto http://www.la.com and do a search for what you'd like to shop for and where is the nearest one to where you are staying.

    Have fun!!! I heart LA.
  6. LA is all about Rodeo and Robertson for me.. and on occasion Beverly Center (like a block down Rodeo) is fun, or even Santa Monica 3rd Street Promenade is nice.

    and lol.. what Monablu said bout Fred Segal is completely true.. and applies to ALL the stores on/in any of the mentioned places. LOL. I (along with like 50 people) had to wait outside LV Rodeo cuz there was a supposed Simpson shopping inside.