When I'm Standing in Coach, I'm Thinking....

  1. This is for you ladies who have conversations with yourself while standing in a Coach boutique or outlet.

    The scene is set. You walk in, see a new floorset and think what?

    Here's mine:

    "Man, I really hoped I was going to hate that bag."

    "I know I have four brown bags, but the buckle is different, so that's okay, right?"

    "If I buy this, what should I sell on eBay to make room for it?"

    "Maybe I should wait until the DH brings home a new golf club/GPS/Xbox 360/tractor/insert his vice here. Then, I can get it guilt free!"

    "Is it bad that the SAs all know me by name and ask about my kids?":p

    Back to "Man, I really hoped I was going to hate that bag."

    What about you?
  2. "my mom is going to kill me, and then she's going to make me drive back and buy her one too!"
  3. "I neeeed that bag!"
    "My mom is going to murder me"
    "Don't look at the price tag, don't look at the price tag..."
    "This bag will perfectly match (insert season here)"
    :p I love this thread!
  4. "I wonder how long it will take for them to go to the outlet so I can get more of them:graucho:"
    "Will it make it to the outlet:confused1:"
    "It's only a mini skinny/ponytail scarf/keyfob/charm, that's not too much to spend:graucho:"
    "OMG the leather is soooo soft!:nuts:"
    "That is prettier than I thought it would be!:drool:"
  5. Sometimes I wonder if the SAs can watch me going through these conversations in my head. I'm guessing they have an office pool for wondering whether or not I'll leave with a bag.:smile:
  6. :drool::drool::drool:

    "I'll take it all, wrap it up and send it...:graucho:" LOL!!!:p
  7. "You have bills to pay"

    Oh and...

    "Try not to spend the grocery and gas money for the next two weeks"
  8. ....my husband is gonna kill me if I spend any more $$$ :nuts:
  9. "This must be what it looks like in Heaven."

    "Okay...if I get $50.00 for my old watch, $100.00 for something totally useless that my husband has, $100.00 for useless things my kids have (while I list things on eBay), I am getting a lot closer to that bag."

    "Well, Labor Day is coming up. We trade gifts for that, right?"

    "D*$n it! I earn money too. I can buy it if I want it!"

    and finally

    "When's the next PCE again?"
  10. Loved these! I can relate to them all. And, I think you are on to something about exchanging gifts for Labor Day! :yes:
  11. (This is only in the outlet, I can totally justify not paying full price for something, but not when theres a discount.)

    Before I walk in I'm thinking "You can't buy anything, you don't need a bag. Damn I wish I had a ebay account to sell some stuff, I have too much Sh*t, but I hate paying someone a percentage of something I paid for. You can only buy something you absolutely need and are going to use. You're just going to look, so maintain your composure. Think about the Gucci you want, you have to save. If you buy something thats $___ out of your Gucci fund, and you'll have to wait longer."

    Then I start thinking about the business side of things to discourage me "The experience is meant for you to feel like you need this, they have great marketing, you read that article, they had a $___ number of sale this quarter, this is all methodically planned. They have thought out all the justifications you can come up with and have combated them with sneaky tricks to deflect reason. Don't give in, don't let them think its this easy."

    I walk in and I immediately think, "Omg, omg, omg, stay away from the sa's they will try to sell you, I love theses bags, they're so pretty, yeah they do have great marketing, its so cheap, look how much retail was, I want one, how much money do I have in my checking, these accessories are so cute and girly, ok they're much cheaper than a bag so you can have one, you don't need passport book, you don't even have a passport, ok how bout an umbrella I'll always need an umbrella, you have one already, I want something ok how bout(I'm looking around), This bag is so freaking cute, look at all the detail...I love it, No not a bag. aww it has a lil pocket...I want it, No something you need..I want it...Imma get it. Damn! They're marketing is so freaking good...they got me."

    It pretty much varies what I'll end up buying but its always something.
  12. I think...wow, the next PCE can't come fast enough, but what will I get? The Carly, Sig. Ergo, Miranda, or get that Lily of been dreaming of? DH said that I could get 2 bags on PCE, but I don't think he meant 1 Lily & 1 Miranda...so many decisions:confused1::confused1::confused1::confused1:!
  13. "my gift certificate is for $200, BUT I returned $100 worth of stuff on the credit card this past month SO really if I spend an additional $100 its even. Hubby can't say anything about that, I'm not putting MORE on the credit card just moving it around a bit. Yeah, thats right and if I throw in $50 in cash, thats not much. Then my limit today is $350!!! I could definitely get something good with that. I'll only be spending $50 for $350 worth of stuff....yeah, thats a great deal!" ummm.....
  14. regular coach retail store:

    "i'm just going to look. not buy. just look."

    "man...i could stand in here forever and just stare at the purses."

    *touches leather satchels* "...so buttery soft"

    "cute! i want!" *looks at next purse* "also cute!" *turns around to next display behind me* "aaah, totally cute too! i want it all!"
  15. Every time I see a bag that appeals to me I go "omg I love love love this" :p