when I called the 866 number.....

  1. When I called the 866 number the vuitton SA and I were discussing the tulum pm and the SA told me that the bag looks like it is for an older lady and not that stylish...yikkkkeeeessss old lady bag......they went on to say that the PH is more youthful.....it turned me off now..I want to look young and hip....
  2. Who cares what one person on the phone said. You should wear what you want. If you dress it up correctly it won't look elderly.
  3. I think the Tulum bags are gorgeous....I wouldn't mind having one of them myself! They're more of a hobo style....not old ladyish at all. That person you talked doesn't sound too intelligent.
  4. Agreed!
  5. buy what you like not what others thing you should buy.
  6. Old lady bag? What? I think it´s very youthful, the shape and the buckle.
  7. I actually think the Tulum pm is cute and I mean cute. Just go with what you like.
  8. I really love it, who trained this SA? Telling a bag is for old ladies is some selling tactic!
  9. ^^
    spylove - I know what you mean. It doesn't make sense from her job perspective to say something like that! Maybe she got carried away and decided it was alright for her to give her own opinion.

    lvpug - agreed with other tPFers - you're the one who's gonna be carrying the bag so just follow your heart! As long as you love it - who cares what anyone else thinks. Important thing is that it makes you smile.
  10. PUG!!! Are you getting another bag??? I thought this one was for your "friend"; I love the Tulum; but that was (another) REALLY BAZARRE SA comment. Seems like they're full of them these days,,, Ya know, in the south we used to call it Manners; I don't think it exists anymore... sometimes, ya just hafta wonder.......
  11. I LOVE Tulum bags!!! I don't think they look like old lady bags!!! Maybe a very STYLISH old lady!!!;)
  12. Well... That's a first! I've yet to find one bag in the entire LV collection considered an "old lady" bag?:confused1: There may be a few that's not to an individuals liking...:s I don't think that was a very professional response to a would be buyer.

    lvpug... Buy what you :heart:. I think all PFers will agreed that it's an individual preference to which purses one likes or dislikes....:sweatdrop: :love:
  13. I don't think they are old ladish at all, actually very young, almost trendy to me.
  14. :yes:
  15. thats not true about it being an old lady bag!! i saw a young girl (mid 20s ??) carrying the tikal and it was so cute it made me want one. dont let the SA get to you. you wear what you love!