When I asked to see the nomade lockit...

  1. My SA put on white gloves to touch it and suggested I put on the gloves too! Is this normal procedure?

    If its that delicate and fragile, I don't want anything to do with it!
  2. Yup, it's normal.

    I want to get something in Nomade.. I mean sure it will be really delicate, but with overtime, you won't even notice the scratches or anything!
  3. It's a precautionary measure with the white glove treatment. SA's don't want to scratch a Nomade by accident and then having a potential client declining to purchase it afterwards. It really nice I've seen it scratched on display doesn't seem as bad as any monogram bag with too much vachetta all stained and scratched.
  4. that seems to fragile for a grrl like me who better resemebles a bull in a china shop
  5. :yes: :yes: , I know some SAs who refuse tho...one told me how are we suppose to sell it if we are telling people it's so fragile, you have to wear gloves.
  6. I want a nomade speedy!
  7. ^ or alma
  8. Isn't the point of the nomade leather to get "roughened up" and look like it's been well traveled?
  9. Hmm, there was a nomade agenda at the LV party I went to at the store in december, and I was just playing with it, my nail even accidentally scraped against it, and nothing happened. It didnt seem to fragile to me. I wonder, does the keepall keep it's shape, or does it bend? the way it's pictures it looks like is retains it's shape. Anyone seen one in the store/held/own one? I plan on getting one in the summer.