When I am Bad.......

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  1. I am very very baaaaddd.......

    But - I have been so good recently .....

    Anyway - pics to come but today I scored:

    An order for the new Sequin Spotlight (Small Size)

    Groovy in licorice in gold with matching matching poppy wallet


    Madison Leather Crossbody with matching madison small wallet

    DH is gonna lay down the law for sooo long but it's worth it - right?????
  2. :useless:
  3. It is too late - but I promise them tomorrow!!!!
  4. looking forward to it!:biggrin:
  5. soooo true!
    i'll cover your back 101% ! :graucho:
  6. Smart way to go.. Just let him 'thinks' he laying down the law.. :graucho:
  7. :whistle:
  8. pictures??
  9. I need them pic's:popcorn::couch:
  10. Pictures please!!!
  11. pics coming after work -hang in there - PLEASSSSEEEE
  12. geeze louise! im holding im holding!
  13. what a tease! i thought the ladies doing the super slow reveals were bad


    can't wait to see your goodies later tonight!
  14. Here you go and a toast to everyone's patience!!!

    I am going to wear Pic 1 combo tonite and Pic 2 combo tomorrow

  15. Beautiful bags! I have 2 Madison swingpacks and love them for day or weekend outings. They fit so much, including the adorable matching wallet. Enjoy your new goodies!