When/How do you decide it's time to let a bag go?

  1. I have been thinking of selling my Mulberry Araline. I have only used it once since i bought it last year... and am wondering if i should sell it off. I love the leather and the design, but it just seems to get so little use... perhaps it just doesn't fit into my lifestyle..:sad2:

    So i'm wondering... how do you decide it's time to sell a bag?:unsure:
  2. Well, I have bags that don't get much use, but I still love them. I sell bags that I don't see myself using over the years. I guess that's my logic....

    Bottom line - I hate selling my bags. But I need to make room.
  3. If i don't use em for a few months, or i regret getting them, they're GONE.
  4. If I ever figure it out...I'll let you know! :lol: I find it really hard to sell bags...even ones I haven't used in a long time. But perhaps selling a little-used bag would help fund one you're longing to have?
  5. If it sits in my closet for ages without getting a chance in my rotation, it's not a good sign. Or if I forget that it exists--that's another sign!
  6. I've had some that have sat around in my closet so long, I've forgotten that I own them! Those get passed on to my daughter. She's 12 and has quite an impressive collection of Prada bags!
  7. When I don't love the bag anymore.
  8. If I haven't managed to use the bag at least once in three months, it goes on eBay.
  9. I'm selling my Speedy, it just doesn't fit my lifestyle right now!
  10. I only sell when I dont use them for atleast a year, or if I might need the $$ for something more important. I have also sold in the past to try and save for an extra special bag, I just had to have, like my Apple first.
  11. I have never sold a bag, but I have several in my closet that have never been used and several that were used less than 10 times. Maybe I should start thinking about letting some of them go ... hmmmm.
  12. Ugh! I just sold a bag because I had listed it a while back on eBay and someone managed to find it an send me an e-mail. I had not used it since the beginning of January, when I got the updated version in a similar color, but it is SUCH a great bag! Still, the offer was good and I am always buying new bags, which means less use for that one...so I decided to sell. But it is REALLY hard to part with a bag! Unless it's something new that just doesn't quite work for me...and even then I have a hard time. I think I want them all!
  13. If you're not into collecting bags and the bag isn't getting any use, you might as well sell it. I collect them so I don't sell any really.
  14. I am such a bag hag...I hate getting rid of them. I make excuses for my DH(since they take up shelf space in my closet) for why I can't part with them ;)
  15. print model.. can u adopt me so I can have some of ur prada bags? hehe, just a joke.. but I give away my bags to my relatives in case I dont want the bags anymore.. I just love to collect and when I have a lot of new bags, then i let go of the old ones.. unless of course, I paid lots of money for it.. then I just keep it forever.. lol...(as long as its not broken yet)
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