When Hermes stays put, all H breaks loose!

  1. today i wore out one of my "other" designer bags to go shopping. (yes, i shop ALOT) :devil:
    anyway, i missed my Birkin. and when i saw THREE different ladies carrying Birkins (one wore a blue jean JPG Birkin with the shiniest palladium hardware EVER, one wore a gold 35cm Birkin also with pall hw, and another had my black Birkin with gold hardware) needless to say, i was very jealous and basically felt like "why am i even carrying this "other" designer bag when i've got the princess waiting at home?"
    but im not quite yet ready to part with my others. oh the problems!! :yucky:
  2. I wouldn't part with all your other beauties just yet, Croissant. Maybe if there's one or two you really don't use and feel you could let go, then start there. And if there are none you want to be without, then don't worry about it. It took me a while to come to that decision....but when I did, I let everything go except a very select few pieces. Now it's all Hermes!!!!
  3. I second what shopmom has said. Do not part with all your other (practical) bags if you think they will serve you well. You may want to make sure you have a couple left in your wardrobe. You will realise that there will be some situations where you'd much prefer to hide that Birkin at home because you need to be more discreet.

    I'd recently realised that I have a bunch of friends who are very sensitive to the steep price tag of a Birkin, and it caused some unease. I was being judged and so was my husband. These long term friends suddenly felt they were no longer worthy of our friendship, because they felt we were in a different class, different league altogether. It was awful. I've sworn never to wear my Hermes bags in their presence anymore. I treasure my friendships with these lovely people. So now with them, I just carry my Pradas.
  4. I agree with shopmom and mrssparkles, Croissant! I just recently became bitten by the H bug and let go a massive amount of my bags in order to buy my first Birkin but did keep selected few that I couldn't imagine parting with. Do select the ones you haven't used in a while or don't see yourself using in the near future and sell them, give them away, etc. I had this problem with letting go but then as soon as you sell/get rid of the first few, the others follow and you don't even blink!:graucho: So far, NO REGRETS for me!!! Good luck!
  5. I ditto what everyone said. There are those bags that I keep for occasions when I can't lug around a 35cm or just need to be a little more utilitarian; a Chanel 2.55 for evening, a glazed MJ tote for super-rainy weather (survived a NY downpour w/o any problem), a few Bals for quick runs, etc. But Croissant, I know the feeling...I do miss the H-bags when I'm not carrying them!
  6. Crossaint, I let go of alot of my bags when I was hipnotized with Hermes! Need I say I regret letting go of my LV Ambre tote (I'll never be able to find one again), my LV MC Theda, my Muse, my Paddington and my Spy. I still have 90% of my collection and I decided not to long ago that I don't want to sell my bags! I love them! I love Hermes too,... but I can't let go of them, it's so hard!!!!! I enjoy going to the market or to be out and about with my other designer bags.

    As I have learned Hermes doesn't like going to the supermarket! She hates being in the cart, she told me she feels like a piece of meat and if I want to drag someone to the market to leave her home and take Louis! She told me that for real!
  7. ^LOL, BAGGS!!! but it's true. Birkins and grocery shopping do not mix, Especially when you have two little kids in tow!

    Croissant, I feel the same if I've left my Birkin at home and see that many others have decided to bring them out. I see so few in my town that the sight of one is always a surprise!
  8. I also performed a careful collection "edit" after buying my birkin. I was tempted to purge, but am happy I held on to my LV tote and a Chanel shoulder bag...there are times when they are more appropriate than my birkin... And I do occasionally miss my birkin if I am carrying Chanel and see H "wildlife sightings"...
  9. I am in accord with everyone's comments.
    At some point you will make that decision to rid yourself of those "other" bags.
    But keep a few for those occasions when your H bags don't fit.
    How many is up to you.
    I am loath to take any other bag.
    My birkins don't not mind grocery carts -- we don't like to be apart.
  10. I agree! It's hard to let go of your bags that you've been using! Even brand new bags (which mean you never used) can cause saddness as well. Because you've looked atg them to adore it, and you know that you have that bag at home...then if you sell it all of sudden, you might feel some saddness even though you never carried once.

    So, oh my... if you've been carried them for a long time, you have emotional attachment to them!

    I don't think I can ever even think about selling my exotic ones that I have been using and loving so far.:heart:
  11. I have 2 LV bags at this point, one for really rainy weather when I will be out in it and just can't bear the thought of using the 'raincoat' lol; the other is a summer white one...and I will say at times I miss my Balenciaga for a throw around lightweight bag...and as mentioned, sometimes you do want to be more discreet...just in case people know...
  12. I thought about selling some of my other bags but I couldn't part with them. My Coach bags each have a story behind them and I could never replace them because they are from a time when the quality/materials were so nice. I love my LVs and probably use my Speedy the most of any bag I own because it can go from gym to grocery store to any errand with ease. So I decided to keep them all. :shame:
  13. I used to "save" my H bags a lot more but now I use one all the time (mostly my black box Kelly) and it's true that when I don't carry it I really miss it. I even took mine out on a rainy day the other day, being very carefull with an umbrella and a plastic bag just in case since I don't like the little raincoat much. It is true that all my other bags have been sitting in my closet for a while now and I have no desire to pull any of them out any more. I don't think I'd get rid of them, though, as I probably won't get much money for them and they don't take up that much room.
    Also, I don't know if others feel the same way here but I always take better care of dressing myself when I know I am going to be carrying an H bag. I also think that I carry myself a little differently, standing and walking a little taller somehow. Is that crazy or what?
  14. Sus, you cracked me up - " I am loath to take any other bag" :nuts: :lol:

    Croissant, I have felt the EXACT same thing as you!!! However, we really do need variety, I think, according to your lifestyle from day to day...
    I am in the midst of deciding which of my bags to sell for Hermes:P :shocked: ...it is very difficult to let go... I will sell about 4-5 out of 40 or so, ...I think:shocked: ...I will be so thrilled:yahoo: ..when they are replaced by Hermes!!!! You have to be ready 100% though!:wtf:
  15. Croissant: This happened to me MANY times when I first purchased my Birkin. I didn't want to use her too much but EVERYTIME I went out without her I was kicking myself. I sold every other brand bag and only have Hermes bags now. It makes it much easier to leave a Birkin at home when you are still carrying something like a Kelly or another H-Bag. Your poor Birkin, bet she was lonely....