When has the RM obsession gone too far?

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  1. Yesterday as you all know was Valentine's Day, I enjoyed the day using my new RM simone clutch, going out to brunch and then later dinner. When we got home from dinner it was late and I was getting ready to call it a night. But not before I checked on a new RM Nikki ebay sale that was about to end. So as I was going to the computer my boyfriend stopped me and tried to hug me. But in my head I thought he was trying to stop me from going to the computer so I pulled away from him. He didn't understand my reaction and started to fight with me about it. To make a long story short we ended up fighting all night and he accused me of loving the bags more then him.:nuts: I ended up missing out on the bag which was not the end of the world but I would never imagine RM would come between my relationship. Things are good today with my boyfriend and I and I found another Nikki that I liked just as much!:yahoo:
  2. I'm sure lots of us on the forum can relate to this story, including myself! ;)
  3. Uhhh I am guilty of getting a bit obsessed too! I don't even want to think about the sales last Thanksgiving...
  4. I've definitely fought with my boyfriend over bags. Probably once every few weeks. I try to make it a point not to talk to him about them anymore.
  5. lol! guys don't understand. Just tell them it's a hobby and relate it to their hobby (which is probably tech stuff, video games, and cars). :nuts:
    It shouldn't be anything to fight about if it's not his money being spent.
  6. Yeah it's def my money. I mean he spends tones of money on fishing stuff and he's even on a fishing forum but he doesn't think it's the same. It is he just can't see it haha
  7. Something similar happened to me and my DH. He thought I was being way too protective of my RM and was giving me crap for it. LOL!
  8. aww i'm glad everything worked out. i can be a bit overly obsessed with bags, too.
  9. I am obsessed as well! Sometimes my DH gets annoyed, but he gets over it!
  10. my dh wants these sidesteps for his truck. i was going on about why those things are so expensive, who the heck needs to accessorize their truck etc and he just goes "um, they cost less than one of your bags".

    so...yeah. i felt pretty embarassed. taught me when to keep my mouth shut tho!!!:blush:

    there are some things my dh and i will just NEVER understand about each other.

  11. wait, their is a fishing forum?? my dh must NOT know of this, he either fishes or plays golf and these are two costly hobbies

    a good set of club(s) will cost more than a nice purse and he takes fishing trips that cost $500-600 a few times a year

    and then my dh talks about fishing, you can see my eyes glaze over

    he should understand your hobbies just like you understand his

    I bet he watches those fishing shows on saturday morning....yawn...nothing worse than a watching men fish but it is impressive to have my husband name the fish before the show tells you what fish they have

    and lets just also add I do not eat fish I hate it

    good luck, hope everything is better today :hugs:
  12. Add skiing to the list.... not that it's BAD, but guys love to obsess about all sports...lol.
  13. um yes... on thanksgiving night i cut short the evening with my bf who wanted to be *romantic* (cough cough) because i had to be in my pj's, logged onto the RM website for the BF OSS.


    there are a plenty of other times when my significant has wanted to hug, cuddle, or be cutesy and i am going through RM subforum links or bonanzle or luna boston and i have to actually be TORN away.

    it's gotten better lately since i'm on a ban. i've been avoiding my computer like the plague.
  14. I cannot agree more!!! :tup:
  15. yes there is a site that guys talk about fishing, what they caught, and the spots that are getting the most hits for fish. I see that as being the same as a purse forum