When friends copy you...

  1. Is it just annoying or is it a form of flattery? I have a friend that buys the same bags and even buys the exact same jeans as me. To me it's just annoying.
  2. There was a post just like this a while back. I think it flattering.
  3. An ex-friend of mine took it disturbingly far. She used to "house-sit" my apartment and cat when I was away on business for days at a time. During months and months of this, she managed to actually steal several pieces of clothing and lingerie from my closet/drawers. Her ex-bf told me she used to even invite guys over to my place and seduce them while wearing my clothes! It took me a while to figure out - noticed too many things missing. But when I confronted her it was almost out of "Single White Female". Very creepy. I get shudders thinking about it!:Push:
  4. I think it is a very nice form of flattery! She obviously admires your style!
  5. I find it annoying when my friends copy me. However, I don't mind if my cousins or anyone that's blood related to me copy me. I guess I don't mind the family afterall. But if my friends buy the same bags or clothes, I'll stop using/wearing the bag and clothes.
  6. I find it very annoying after a while especially if its your friends. If they say they've been thinking about doing the same thing anyway, then it just becomes funny to me. :lol: Yeah, sure you thought of it first. :lol:
  7. If you were referring to my post, I hope you are kidding. She was very disturbed. I guess I should add that one of her "lovers" called me anonymously and began describing my lingerie. She wore my lingerie to seduce guys in my bed! eyewwww!
  8. It doesn't matter to me but if it gets creepy like bagnshoofetish's experience......yikes!

  9. What? She stole your lingerie and seduced guys while wearing them? How creepy! I think she wanted to be you. I'm sorry this happened at least she's out of your life.
  10. Oh my... :blink: What a wacko! Glad you got rid of her pronto.
  11. i agree with bagnshoofetish that u should be careful it doesn't go too far.....i had an old roommate who started out buying clothes that looked like mine, then borrowing my clothes (every single day).....then i started seeing her outside in my clothes all the time without asking me.....pretty soon she started stealing my food, toothpaste, shoes, bags, jewelry.........and when i'd see her outside in them it'd always be "oh i meant to ask u but u weren't there"......she then proceeded to graduate early (just like me but a semester later) and go to law school (again like me)............some ppl are seriously disturbed (i kinda got freaked out and crazy paranoid thiking she wanted to kill me and take over my life :weird::weird:smile:
  12. OMG! How freaky! How did she react when you confronted her?
  13. :weird:. . .:oh:. . .creepy.
  14. This is the kind of stuff that you see on t.v. I'm sorry this happened to you. Yikes.
  15. This happened about 12 years ago and I've never really talked about it till now. This has been therapeutic I must say. Thanks for letting me get it off my chest.