When Fashion Bullies Attack......In Middle School

  1. Scary... why can't kids just be kids anymore? They have the rest of their lives to worry about what to wear.....
  2. I love the Chloe...but I'm 15. I think that me wearing that would be less scary than that 8 year old wearing it.

    It is scary...
  3. This reminds me when I was in middle school, designer-designer clothes weren't in, it was more about conformity.
  4. It is just so unnecessary! I really hope people don't try to use the "But it's good quality" excuse, because little kids outgrow their clothes in like 3 months :rolleyes:...
  5. I love Chloe..but for a kid? That's ridiculous because they will grow out of it really soon. I don't think 7FAM for kids is ridiculous though..I wore clothes from Nordstrom when I was a kid and most stuff at Nordstrom is around that price range.
  6. Please, childhood should be a time that you have fond memories of. Not a time where you're made fun of by a Missoni-wearing 9-year old. I remember the days of Limited Too and abercrombie (the kid version of the store). Good times LOL. Some of the pictures make me shudder but hey - that's part of being a kid!
  7. I'd never spend more than 20 on a pair of jeans for my daughter. I love her to death but she grows out of them like in two months, add to that the playing teatherball, football and more at recess.
  8. That is insane. The only parents who would buy clothes that cost that much for their fast growing kids have way too much money to spend.
  9. I know i hated the idea of having to wear a School uniform when i was growing up.

    But now i can see the importance of having such a policy in place. It cuts out a lot of the competition.
  10. I don't know about the girls, but my two boys have their own ideas about what they want to wear or not wear - they do have favourite labels and stores, but will also wear wal-mart with equal enthusiasm - as long as the style is something they like.
  11. I love love love the Missoni !

    It's kind of silly, I hope that this is meant more to be a special occasions thing, more than kids are envisioned to wear designer every day !
  12. soooo cute but soooo wrong...
  13. Why don't they make those styles for ME! LOL...at the kids prices :angel:

    Geez when I was a kid I wore jeans, nike tennis shoes and sweatshirts. Wait I still kinda do :shame:
  14. I agree. I don't understand how people will buy their child designer clothing when they are going to grow out of it a few months later!