? When exchanging/returning merchandise...

  1. I was wondering have any of you experienced problems exchanging/returning LV items that have already slightly patina(ed) to the store? One of the bags I bought came with a patina (bag was shipped from another store) and I am just not feeling the bag. I want to exchange it tomorrow and then use the store credit which will be $2,000 to really look around get some things that I really want and will use.

    I am sorry if this is in the wrong forum by the way... :confused1:
  2. well if it came with a patina and you're still within the exchange/return period, then I think it's fine.
  3. Yeah I just bought it the 19th, so I am definitely within the period... I just don't know what I want. There are so many nice bags... I will just have to really take my time choosing.
  4. that's hard to figure out what you want. Take your time ok. Just return the bag if you don't like it. I regret that I didn't return mine because I bought it at South Coast plaza & all the SA were very snotty. I hadn't use my Azur speedy since 3 months ago.