When Exactly is The Price Increase ........

  1. for the Large Cerf Tote???

    I have heard it is going from $1850 to $1995 but can anyone confirm WHEN?

  2. I'd like to know as well, because I want another one. Are they going up in Sept?
  3. I don't know....but if you ask me if seems like everyday!!!:tdown:
  4. It seems the price increase has begun already!! Very big price increase this fall / winter!
  5. ^^yep, thank goodness I'm not buying a Chanel anytime soon! whew!
  6. Yeah, it seems like there are increases every couple of weeks here and there.
  7. VERY big price increase???? This realllly depresses me. I need to get my hands on everything i can afford and then retire from chanel for a bit...hah!!

    Does thise include the fall collections coming this summer or just when fall hits?
  8. Huh?? Every couple of weeks here and there??? You kidding. For which bags is it?
  9. The price increase has started already, my size 226 reissue coming in for Fall is costing me $2495 waaaaill..
  10. ^ Isn't it because you live in Singapore and there's GST increase overthere?????
  11. Did the price for the PST really increase yet??? It was $1250+ tax, but some ppl are saying it is almost $1500+ tax? I will cry if this is true! I was going to get a PST next month, but I can't if the price has increased that much....I'm sad now...please tell me it hasn't gone up yet....
  12. Well, I went to the Chanel Boutique today and they had a Black and a Beige Cerf Tote - no Dark Brown :crybaby:
    and both were still $1850 ..... and of course the not so helpful SA said he didn't know anything about a price increase or when the next one would be :shrugs:
  13. oh really? which color is that?! my 226 reissue coming in for Fall is costing 2350 (pre-tax) -- it's the dark silver.
  14. I think $2495 is the price for a 227.
  15. hmm I was told 2495 too for 226...