When exactly did the BV Sale start?

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  1. I wanted to get a runaway dress that I've been lemming forever, but it's sold out in the whole nation !!! I've called everywhere, and no one had my size anymore !!!
    I guess good stuff all goes out in a snap on sale =(
  2. the actual sale starts on the 3rd i believe but you need to call your SA as early as possible for her/him to hold items for you.
  3. I agree this is very confusing, and the designer companies contribute to it. I received a card in the mail from BV saying their US boutiques' sale would begin Dec. 3rd. I call Chicago, the only BV store I've been in, and they told me they'd already started their "private" sale!! I've spend thousands of dollars there but apparently don't qualify for their private sale! On the website, I don't know when the sale prices were posted.

    Same deal with Neiman's--they will pre-sell a bag that officially goes on sale later. So if you wait till it's announced, it's too late to get anything good.

    I feel your pain! Wish there was a better system. guess we're fortunate BV puts anything on sale--some brands never do.
  4. I went to the NYC boutique yesterday and they were telling everyone about some small accessories from F/W~07/08 being 30-50% off. I didn't hear/ask about purses, though...

    I am no way near to qualify their "private" sale:rolleyes:, so if I ever want something that could be on sale, I would definitely call the boutique as soon as I read any hint about their sale here at tPF.:yes:
  5. I picked up my sale stuff this past Friday. My store actually started selling to the public on that day i believe. My SA called me a week before for the pre sale. I have a really great SA.
  6. Arghh! I had a gread SA in Chicago, but she quit and moved out of state. The entire staff changed and no one knows me although I've spent a lot with the same guy--he's useless. It's such a small store that changing SA's isn't an option. Don't know what to do. I felt so comfortable with Linda and now she's gone.:crybaby:
  7. I, too, had a good SA in Chicago, but she left a couple of years ago. Now whenever I walk in the SA's look at me as though they have never seen me.I used to get a call about the pre-sale, but no more.
  8. errr I wish I know such good SA =(