When everyone else has a particular Coach bag...

  1. do you still feel like buying said style? Where I live, you almost see someone carrying a Coach Carly signature be it at Church or the grocery. Now I'm not sure if they're all genuine. Does it affect you the same way as when you happen to be in the same place as someone wearing exactly the same outfit you have on? I like to be different and sometimes when I see an explosion of the same style, I tend to gravitate away from it. How about you, gals?
  2. I would think it was cool to see someone w/ the same bag as me. I think it would be a conversation starter. It's cool when people have things in common w/ you. I would want someone to purposely have everything the same as me, but it would be cool to see someone w/ the same bag. I love seeing others w/ Coach bags, whatever style it may be. It's really cool.
  3. I understand how you feel. I love the Carly and want one but then again I see it everywhere. I saw a really pretty medium Carly in the Optic Signature and asked someome at Coach if it was new and she said it was definately FAKE!!! Carly's don't come in Optic Sig. Too bad I like that design.
  4. I think I saw one like that last week! I was trying to think if Coach had that style coz it really looked pretty!
  5. I've seen a lot of carly's including a few fake ones, no doubt it is the it bag of Coach right now. I saw the new one w/khaki/red trim and its stunning as well as the chocolate.

    Oh and it doesn't bug me if I see several people with the same bag or style.
  6. I see a ton of Carly's around here too. I've wanted to like this style but I never went for it. That combined with seeing it everywhere makes it kinda ho hum for me (except maybe the leather ones which are not as common).

    On the flip side, there is a lot of LV here too but, for example, if I see a mono speedy on several people each makes it look different. I don't think the Carly has that same versatility to it and this is probably comparing apples to oranges because those two styles of bags are so different. Yikes, please don't shoot me as I don't mean to step on toes with this post. :upsidedown:

    Maybe I'm just weird b/c I never jumped on the Seattle Carly bandwagon. :sad:
  7. I feel the same way. I don't like to have what everyone else does. I love the shape of the Carly, but it seems that everyone has one in the signature fabric. Maybe I'll get one with leather.
  8. I have a denim Carly, and we have a million Coach stores here in Hawaii... Surprisingly, I've only seen one other person with a Carly so far. *lol* But everyone and their mother and child has designer bags here. We've got 7 year olds walking around with little LV, Coach, D&B bags...

    For me, I like what I like and that's it. If everyone around me has one too, that's fine. It's not going to change the fact that I like it.
  9. I think its great when I see lots of bags in the style Im using. Dosent bother me a bit.
  10. I would love seeing someone carrying the same bag as me! mostly around here, there is alot of coach but it's generally soho flaps and signature....and then the other half is fake.....i get excited just seeing someone with an authentic bag! lol and i actually have the opposite problem, when i have my heart set on a bag i want- like a signature stripe tote, then no matter where i go i start seeing everyone with one! lol and i take it as a sign that i'm meant to have it!
  11. kind of like the return to tiffany bracelet...everyone and their dog has it, yet u still want one...

    i dont c that many coaches. just carlys and a few totes, generally, only what u can buy at holt renfrew. i dont care if a stranger has the same bag, but i h8 having the same as coworkers.
  12. I've never really put much though into it before, but it doesn't bother me at all. I've seen quite a few Carly bags lately, but the majority are fakes and anyone that knows Coach knows they're fake. Whenever I see someone with a real one I just admire them for their great taste in bags.
  13. I don't mind it usually. If I love a bag and I want it, I dont care who else has it. However, last year I bought the small water stripe tote and one of the secretaries was selling fakes, so now two people at work had a very close looking fake and that drove me up a wall because people would comment "Oh you all have the same bag, how cute" and all the while I wanted to scream, NO MINE'S BETTER! but didn't because I don't like to brag about having designer bags.
  14. I don't like the sig bags because here in Chicago those are the ones you see faked SO much!!! When i was at the nail salon yesterday there were 4 girls in there w/ fake sig bags....each one looking worse than the other...YUCK!!

  15. haha the bags i get are pretty unique (different colors) so i dont think ive seen someone with the exact one yet :smile: