When Ebayers send you Candy ! LOL

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  1. Well a couple of sellers who I've bought from send candy along with the item I bought, Now the first time I was quite scared I didnt know what to think, afterall who knows what they have done or got it from, Im sure for some its just a nice gesture and I can see that but Gosh I will not eat it.

    What do you guys think ?
  2. I have had a couple send me some as well. I thought the gesture sincere, but I will not consume either....
  3. I'm thankful. I've only had one transaction and I got candy which was pretty awesome as it was a type of candy that wasn't available here :smile:
  4. I don't send candy, I send Chanel skin product samples (no worries about consumption, I guess!). My girlfriend works at Chanel counter and gives me TONS of samples, so I pass some on to my customers, especially when they purchase Chanel items from me. I would be hesitant to eat candy...is it the Halloween paranoia?
  5. I've had sellers send me sweeties too but I've never eaten them
  6. I've never gotten candy, but I've had sellers send me soap and scented lotions. Maybe they think I stink?
  7. ive gotten samples of different products before and even once I had a dog blanket engraved and got dog treats I will use the samples but I did trash the treats.

    I don't think I would eat the candy
  8. I keep stocked up on $5.00 Starbucks gift cards. There are Starbucks EVERYWHERE so I know they'll be able to use it, and when a transaction goes really well or it ends WAY higher than I anticipated, I toss one in and buy them their next latte.

    Better than candy, but same thought!
  9. We pack in scented hand-written thank you notes. I think candy would be a little much.
  10. Nice gesture but 'no thanks', I would not eat it. I'm a New Yorker, (paranoid).

    I have received fragance samples but since I only ever wear Chanel 19 (for the past 25 yrs), no use for those either.

  11. I don't think I would eat the candy. I remember that either Dear Abby or Ann Landers put out a message in her column politely asking that readers not send her candy, because she never eats it anyway. I can't say I blame her. Who wants to eat candy of unknown origin sent by a total stranger through the mail?
  12. I once got a bag with some candy in it... I didnt know if it was meant for me, or if the person had forgotten to clean her bag out before sending it to me... lol...

    No, I did not eat the candy!
  13. nice thought but I wouldnt eat it. Toiletry samples are always nice though
  14. I received candy for eBay seller from japan,I knew the candy but I did not eat it.Grateful for the kind gesture.
  15. Same here, I would not eat it as well..
    I realize it is a nice gesture, but no, won't consume it..

    I have also received scented soap, samples etc, and never used them as well..I think I am too paranoid incase it's old etc *have this vivid imagination I would have skin irritation :shame: