when ebayers ruin a good thing by greed

  1. so i sold some invitations. and usually with certain styles, I offer free favor tags. well some listings don't offer the free tags, but when a certain ebayer bought this item i included them anyways. today i get an email saying that she loved the invites but some of the tags have different dates. i opened her file to check and nothing was incorrect. her greedy ass was just trying to get more tags. i am so annoyed. i'm not stupid that i can't see you lied about it. well from now on she's blocked from buying anything from me. i wrote her back saying that her file was correct and that she wasn't even supposed to get tags in the first place and if she dares to ask for tags, i'm going to charge her extra!
  2. Greedy wench, don't you just want to smack folks sometimes? I don't blame you for blocking her rearend!
  3. :shocked: actually, she's to say and feel thankfully you gave her free tag but she's trying to use any trick to get more?? ck, ck, ck, can't believe that person...
  4. wow, people just can't accept things these days, they expect more. should've just left the tags out... good that you keep track though, not that you would owe her anything even if you messed up. ugh! the nerve of some people!
  5. How RUDE! It's hard to believe some people! Even if some of the dates were wrong, I would have just been grateful for the thought in the first place.
  6. Wow, what an a$$! People have some nerve! I always love when you try to do something nice for someone and then they try to take advantage or complain...