When eating ____ , you really need ____ to drink with it.

  1. Pizza really needs diet Coke.
  2. Scrabbled eggs really needs orange juice, ice cold.
  3. Greek black olives I MUST have a big tall cold glass of whole milk for! Same goes for toast w/jam and bacon/waffles.
  4. When eating _M&Ms___ , you really need _hot tea___ to drink with it.
    So they melt in my mouth...mmmmmmmmm:yes:
  5. When eating Oreos you really need Milk to drink with it.
    So you can dip the oreos in the milk!!!!! MMMMMMMMM!
  6. Mexican...a margarita
    Pizza...diet coke
    Pate and black olives... A good Chardonnay
    Steak...red wine (too many favorites to mention)
    lobster (and all seafood)...again Chardonnay
    Salads...seltzer water with lime
  7. I drink water with just about everything unless it's gross fattening fast food. Then I have to have a soda, regular, no diet!
  8. When eating a big Caesar salad, you really need a double gin & tonic to drink with it. [perfect girls night out food, outside in the sunshine!!!]
  9. When eating Mexican food you really need a cerveza to drink with it.
  10. When eating a homemade sandwich, you really need to drink ice cold chocolate milk!
  11. fries and honey mustard
  12. When eating spicy Thai food, you must have Thai beer!
    When eating yummy sushi, a large Japanese beer or some saki or both!
  13. I agree! When eating pizza, you really need a diet coke!

    When drinking a glass of white wine, you really need a piece of great chocolate.
  14. When I eat ANYTHING I need water to drink with it. If I don't have water, I don't want to eat lol! The only thing I can eat without water are bananas.
  15. when eatting pizza, you really need a pabst blue ribbon in a bottle to drink with it! diet coke will suffice if necessary.