When Dog Puke Saves the Day

  1. LOL, this story is too ridiculous not to share on tPF!

    I decided to drive home (to NJ) yesterday for the weekend (I now live in VA). I packed up Darwin, my beagle who gets terribly car sick, and off we went.

    About an hour into the trip, I hear "Blergh!Blergh!Blergh!YAK!" and feel my lap get warm. Yep *he puked on my lap while driving* ew ew ew ew ew ew!!!!!!!:throwup:

    I was so disgusted and busy trying to figure out what to do (stop to clean up, but that would mean changing into new pants, but my new pants would be full of vomit too since the seat was now covered in it) that I didn't notice how fast I was going.

    Yep, you guessed it. I got pulled over for speeding. :crybaby:

    The police officer approached my car and asked me what the hurry was. I said, "Sir, if you'll look down, you'll see I have a lap full of dog puke. If that isn't an excuse to speed a little, I don't know what is."

    Luckily, he started laughing and agreed that dog vomit on my lap was a valid excuse. He gave me directions to a rest stop and told me to slow down (which I did!).

    So, I got a lap full of vomit, which is bad, but it also got me out of a very expensive speeding ticket!!!!

    LOL, a hot shower when I got to my Mom's was the best thing in the world last night!!
  2. LOL - that is too funny!!!

    "I have a lap full of dog vomit." BAHAHA
  3. HAHAHAHA, well I bet that was the first time he'd heard that excuse! But ewww @ being covered in dog puke!
  4. hhahaha! I'm glad he had a sense of humour about it.
  5. Oh God, when I read the title of this thread, I thought a dog named Puke had saved somebody.:lol:
  6. LOL JIlly....that is too funny!!!!
  7. Great story and great excuse for speeding Jill!!!
  8. Jillybean - What a great story! LOL! You poor thing! I hope the vomit came out. I have two car-puker dogs too.
  9. UGH! That is awfull!! I would have been puking as well.

    Glad the cop was understanding!
  10. Ewww, dog puke! But at least you did not get a ticket.
  11. How nasty! I don't know who I feel more sorry for! :yucky:

    By the way, have you considered getting some mild tranquilizers for Darwin? I had TWO dogs at one time that were prone to motion sickness. Our vet prescribed a mild tranquilizer for long trips and that worked like a charm. I only used them for long trips though. I'm not big on medicating dogs, but you're really doing him a favor.

    Given you've obviously got a return trip staring you in the face, you might want to call and ask for something before you head back to VA! :wtf:
  12. Oh my gosh! It's almost as funny as it is gross. I'm glad you he understood.
  13. Eeeeew! Did Darwin have a very self-satisfied look on his face afterwards? :p

  14. My vet said to give him Benadryl or Dramamine instead of tranquilizers. I gave him the Benadryl on the way up, which he's about 50-50 with in terms of carsickness, and I gave him Dramamine on the way home. He didn't get sick on the way back at all, so I'm going to stock up on that!!
  15. poor little fella. but I feel your pain.
    I had a cat in a cat carrier once to take him to the vet. well he got out (I didn't latch it right) and while I was driving, he jumped on my lap in a panic and proceeded to pee a great big pee stain all over my lap. I don't think I ever completely got the cat pee smell out of that car.