When does Transporto hit stores?

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  1. And is it Transporto or Trasporto?
  2. It's Trasporto, no "N". Well, I bought my 2 pieces in a store. A.Okay Official in Chicago.
  3. Really no N :confused1: That A.Okay Official seems like THE place to shop...I wish they had a website. :sad:
  4. According to the lesportsac.com website and the tag... yep, "trasporto"

    A.Okay did have a good selection this past Friday. But they were already going fast. There were several other bags being held behind the counter in addition to my Denaro.
  5. I just looked at the website to make sure and goshdarn if there's no "n". Why on earth I never noticed is beyond me.
  6. "Trasporto" is the Italian for "transportation". Take a look here... do an English to Italian translation.


    It's also fun to look up some of the pattern & style names doing an Italian to English translation.
  7. I was told by MetroPark in Downtown SF they'll get theirs in sometime this week.... but who knows if that's true or not...
  8. I went to JapanLA in Los Angeles today and they had theirs shipment of Trasporto. I bought a Campeggio.

    I asked the girl who worked there if any of the Trasporto bags were on their website, and they said no (just checked too). She DID say that you can call the store and order it. Off the top of my head I saw the following:

    Ciao Ciao
    and I THINK a Braccialatto
  9. JapanLA already has their shipment of Trasporto in?! :shocked: Aww but they're only big bags.. I'll wait til we get them here.. I guess..

    Skepticism - Very nice campeggio!! I wanted a big-ish bag in this print but it seems like the smaller bags look better IMO.. thats just me though. But I kinda dont want a small bag since I love this print.. argh.. I'm torn.. I can decide!
  10. Miss Dana: Thanks, I'm really in love with this bag! Anyway, I didn't get to see what was inside the glass counter at the checkout, but I saw a lot of the smaller bags in there (mostly Tutti, AS, Pirata). You might want to give them a call and ask what they have, since they take phone orders.

    edit to add: I also think I saw a Ciao in addition to the Ciao Ciao.
  11. Ohhhh thanks for the heads up!! I dont think I'll be buying one soon since I bought my CR bambinone today.. haha I think I'll wait for the Trasporto MM to come out here.. maybe a caramella too?? :greengrin:
  12. I thought this was funny:
    I called the Ala Moana Shopping Center's LeSportsac this past week and got a male SA on the phone, who said after I inquired how long it would be for Trasporto to come in, "You mean Transporto? I don't know." LMAO I guess he thought he was correcting me. :p
  13. Tokibebe:

    the smae thing happened to me? can I ask when the sales associate said they would be coming in?

  14. I saw Trasporto yesterday at Metro Park in Irvine. They just got their shipment in late yesterday. They have Gioco, Ciao Ciao, and Zucca's. There have a few out and more in the back so if you don't see your perfect placement ask them to see the ones in the back. They still have Tutti Ciao Ciao's a lot of them. And a familigia denaro (only one). And a few Pirata and Spigia bags left. ( I know I totally spelt that wrong) Sorry.