When does the Website update again?

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  1. So we know that certain bags are available to order now and early Feb so when will they be on the website? Any time soon?
  2. hopefully soon!!!!!
  3. I'd say next week or the week after, hopefully!
  4. BUMP-

    OK, so when should the website update again, this february? Usually its the wednesday a week before the end of the month right? So the 17th? But since this is a short month, is that still the date?
  5. ^I was thinking it would update this week as well!! Let's hope! I would love to see the new items before PCE since my store does not get everything!
  6. Should update on the 24th. Items on the floor on the 25th.
  7. Any items *off* the floor by the 25th too......as in, FP deletes on their way to the outlets? :graucho:

    I'm still pretty new to the floorset timing, and timing my own shopping to coincide with the floorsets!
  8. You mean fullprice new items im guessing?

    The reason i asked is that my outlet in Aurora, IL had new spring 2010 patchworks. I came home with one of those. They also had the zoe bag with convertible striping,which i think is so so neat. great idea by Coach. That came home w/ me today as well.

    They handed me 20% coupon today when i walked in the store. Hubby and I were both off for Presidents day today.
  9. Alex, Brooke, orange poppy glam tote..... really not much exciting.
  10. Do you know which Alex? I'm dying for the black patent tote!
  11. I believe all Alex is going
  12. Ooo..this is great news for me then. I hope I can find the one I want at the outlet or on sale at a department store! Thanks! :smile:
  13. Ahhhhh don't tell me that! Thats the bag I wanted to buy w/PCE! O no! :sad: And my outlet never gets a lot of full priced items...