When does the urge to buy CLs strike you?

  1. I know the answers will probably be, "All the time!" or something similar, but I thought I'd ask anyway ;)

    When does the urge to shop for CLs strike you? If anyone else is like me, shopping is like emotional eating :lol: Something triggers inside me to whip out my wallet, and it's all downhill from there (or uphill, especially if I score good deals!).

    The twice yearly sales usually have me in a frenzy, but most of the time it's when I'm browsing the 'Net, with nothing to do but goof off on tPF and surfing Internet shopping sites, looking for new styles or seeing what's available in my size.

    Also, since I work super close to Nordstrom, Saks and NM, lunchtime is always tempting for me to shoot over there and do some damage. Especially on quiet days when no one is in the office and I can take an extra long lunch.

    Anything in particular trigger your Louboutin buying? To me, there is a difference between going in just to "browse" and becoming a woman on a true shoe mission. Sometimes I'll go for long periods of time without setting foot into a shoe department, wondering what's new and what I can try on.

    Can anyone relate? :nuts:
  2. Some times I want a particular style and I go crazy looking for it. Other times, it's because I'm not particularly happy at the moment and buying shoes makes my day. Seeing the ladies on TPF with these incredible CL shoes does it to me also. Like you Christina I am close to NM and Nordstrom. On a Friday when I am bored at work, I go on my lunch break.

    If I go and do returns, I always tend to gravitate towards the shoes. I say to myself, Velda you only came to return, not to buy. It doesn't always work :smile:
  3. I shop the most for shoes when im upset about something or mad. lol
    It always makes me feel better.
    Or the same as you, when im bored & surfing TPF/sales.
  4. SALES!!!!! I am a sale scavenger, so I will keep an eye on my favs and swoop in like a hawk to get them when they go on sale. Also, I have a great SA at Bob Ellis who will give me the heads up as to when they are going to have a sale.

    Also, if the shoe is HOT and will sell out fast like the VP nude patent or the Rolando, I do not even give it a second thought - BUY. If I have buyers remorse then I just return it later.
  5. That's great you live close to Bob Ellis, Lynn. They have good online sales :yes:

    Gemruby, which Nordstrom and NM are you closest to? I see you're in Miami. I'm in the West Palm Beach area, and work maybe 10 minutes from Palm Beach and 15 minutes from Palm Beach Gardens. It's a win-win location :nuts:
  6. sales do me in each time:shame: but right now the pair i want(glitter numero prive gold) is because this blasted sub forum:lol:
  7. All the time! but i put myself on a shopping ban because i was doing some unnecessary spending. has been working great so far! i'm not going to lie, i still browse the online stores. but i took my credit cards out of my wallet so i wouldn't be tempted.
  8. A few reasons...

    1) Online browsing & ebay browsing - if a shoe is in my size and a good price the temptation kills me. It's easy to justify another pair because a certain shoe is HTF, limited edition or priced below retail. I can get obsessed and check an ebay listing 20 times a day, stare at the pic, try to picture outfits with it etc.

    2) This forum! Seeing other's pics just fuels my addiction! I get new ideas of styles I want, the outfit thread gives me ideas of what to wear with a certain shoe I'm eyeing etc. I also have no real life friends who are into shoes so I thrive around you guys who understand this addiction!

    3) Another trigger is when I no longer have a pair of shoes to "christen", so I dont have a new pair to look forward to wearing for the first time.

    4) The rush of a new pair is addictive. If too long goes by without it, I get edgy!
  9. I almost feel like I want to buy a pair everyday and it gets worse when its during a time where it doesnt make sense to me financially. Recently though its been trying to limit my urges to styles that I have on a short list as must haves. The problem is most of the styles I want are older and are hard to find. The new ones are not tempting me much at all, I suppose this is a good thing.
  10. Great thread! :flowers:

    The main reason for me is easy: Work, work and more work makes me buy shoes to reward myself. I basically have a 24/7 work schedule (:yucky:) depending on what deadlines I have to meet. When I get through an insanely busy period, I reward myself with shoes.

    It also doesn't help that my job is so close to 5th Avenue that I can run out for a quick break before coming back to work and diving into the next crises.
  11. Usually if I see a pic of a celeb in CLs, or this forum!!....you can get a feel of what the shoe actually looks like from the modelling pics posted on the forum~~
  12. For some reason I usually find shoes when I'm not really looking for them. My CLs were a bit different, as I planned to go check them out. Lately I have been shopping more when I feel happy, but it can go the other way too.
  13. My CL shopping is only recent (since May of last year) but I've admired them for a while... so I actually consider myself really good at being able to just browse and wait for TDF shoes.

    I do have to say though my 2nd, 3rd, and 4th shoes purchases were without any hesitation- but then again they were the nude patent yoyo (which i had become obsessed with after being here on TPF) the magenta simples (my fav color) and a 200$ sale pair of rose gold ciprias(which were too good too miss)!

    As of right now I'm not really searching for anything in particular (in any shoe brand) so I'm sure shopping will only happen if something is just TDF. Or maybe if I just have a very sh*ty day!!!
  14. This is a great forum. I am "most at risk" for buying Louboutins when it is close to pay day. My job pays on the 15th and 30th of each month, and because I am uber-stressed at my job, I am always tempted to overspend the days before I get paid.

    Also, eBay is a constant temptation, but luckily, my job conveniently distracts me from turning into an eBay addict.
  15. This forum is a "bad influence"(which you can't live without!!) on the shoe addiction. Mostly on the Louboutins. And the modeling pics just convince me to go and buy shoes. LOL :cutesy: