When does the Sprouse Collection end?

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  1. I was wondering when they are going to stop selling the Stephen Sprouse Collection in LV stores. Does anyone know?
  2. I believe production has ended.. so once they sell out, it is over. I am not sure if they will ever "remove" them until they are sold
  3. They are seasonal, so like Miss Kris said, if they have stopped production, they won't be available too much longer. Also, Im not sure but if they don't all sell, i think they might put them with the SA sale
  4. I believe you will be able to get Sprouse items at the SoHo boutique until December. Can't remember where I saw that, but you can always call.
  5. Yup they will be in soho till end of dec and online too.
  6. I know at the store here they have already returned all the sprouse items to the warehouse
  7. they said the end of june here in md
  8. totally phased out of the store on 5th and the one inside saks near me in ny
    whether or not they have any in the back.........