When does the B'bag forum reopen?

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  1. I though it was opening yesterday? :crybaby: Please someone tell me so i dont keep checking every 5 minutes!! :smile:
  2. yes please,when????????thanks
  3. I would love to know too! :yes:
  4. Soon, I promise! Hang tight everyone!
  5. Am I hearing Balenciaga withdrawal symptoms? :graucho:
  6. I actually took my PT out of it's dustbag to see some Balenciaga!!

    haha!! I miss the place!
  7. Most likely late today or tomorrow early... hang on tight!
  8. thanks Megs and everybody, we wait!
  9. thank you!!! i've had the two most boring days ever!!
  10. ^^Has it only been two days? Lol - feels like longer!
  11. Yeah, I keep hitting refresh to see if the forum is up yet. I must learn to have just a bit more patience, but I do miss authenticating and hearing about Bbag news. I appreciate the mods letting us know that the site will be up soon.
  12. ^ what she said :sad:
  13. That's not too bad. =)
  14. I said most likely tonight or early tomorrow :yes:
  15. Yay! I missed my bal friends! Thanks for the heads up, Megs!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.