when does saks blooming dales nordstroms have their big clearance sale

  1. when do there stores have theres big clearance sale on gucci chanel burberry
    u know those kinda brands
    some one told me sakes had a big sale on burbery sandals they were only like $40 at Saks some kinda sale
    if you know anything please let me know thanks:P
  2. Saks does a hugh clearing out sale in January/February. They want to clear out for Inventory and just after Inventory. About 6 years I got a beautiful Fendi Baguette (in short "pony hair") for $340.00. It retailed over $1,000. They discount something like 70%.

    I think Bloomingdales justs discounts anytime. I saw the plastic coated Fendi Spy there on sale for 1/2 off, just about a month ago. I almost get the feeling that if it doesn't sell in a certain time frame, Bloomies discounts the item to move.