When Does Sak's Beauty Week Start?

  1. Hi all, I just got my gc from Saks and wanted to save it for beauty week. Does anyone know when it starts? I know Nieman's has theirs now and don't want to miss the deals if Sak's won't be having one soon. Thanks for any update.:upsidedown:
  2. 2/27 - i believe is when theirs start
  3. Good to know. Thanks.
  4. It started online yesterday.
    Although I don't see the gifts for the lines that they offer in store. only the Saks gift is available it seems. Yesterday was also the last day for double points.
  5. Unlike NM Saks other beauty offers are only available instore. you will recieve the saks gift if you order online, but if you go to saks you will get that gift plus other gifts from the beauty company. It makes it worth the trip.
  6. well the previous years, there were beauty gifts online but you need to enter a code (as well as another code for the saks gift) so that makes us only be able to choose one gift. i'm not sure why the other beauty offers arent online but is it me or are both the saks and nm gifts crappy this year. the only thing keeping me going is that the beaty offers are still pretty good.
  7. just comparing the gifts this year to last year alone it doesn't seem as good - the beauty offers are fairly decent. I think the fall beauty is usually better than the spring one. IMO.
  8. I got mine today.

    The samples aren't the greatest, and there aren't many of them, but the tote is very cute! The Bobbi Brown GWP is also very nice.

  9. Are there any GWP for Chanel? I went yesterday but the event doesn't start till today.