When does Project Runway 4 come out?

  1. Does anyone know when Project Runway 4 comes out? Probably May or June, right?
  2. I haven't heard yet and I subscribe to a blog on PR. I will let you know when I find out something.
  3. I am thinking it will start to air in May or June. They will probably start taping in March. This will give the final 3 (or 4) designers a couple months over the summer to prepare their collections for fall fashion week.
  4. Last year they starting taping in May. The first show didn't air until July 12th. Remember the finale culminated On Oct 18th (fashion week) of this year.

    Google when fashion week is for 2007 then count backwards 15 weeks. That is when it'll start.
  5. Tim Gunn resigned from Parsons. Read about it here:

    Tim Gunn's Exit Memo Urges Parsons To Carry On - Gawker

    Last season's PR was taped and run during a different time than the previous two seasons. I haven't heard when they will run it again. I think for awhile, they were trying to push up the taping but Tim was adamant about it not interfering with Parson's classes. Never even heard if that was resolved. With Tim resigning to go to Liz Claiborne, I don't know what that will do. Will Let you know when I find out.
  6. His resignation surprises me. For some reason I always assumed that Parsons and Project Runway were his pet projects. Liz Claiborne is getting a good leader, that's for sure.
  7. No!! Tim Gunn cannot leave. Nobody else can say "make it work" like him.
  8. Nooooooooooo!!!
  9. Does that mean Tim is going to leave PR too? I hope not, he's the one who pulls everything together for me on the show. I would hate to see him go!
  10. hehe- they can just tape a speaker to a full-size cut-out of Tim Gunn with a few phrases on a loop:
    "Carry on"
    "This concerns me."
    "Make it work."
    "Where is Andre?"
  11. That show would STINK without him..seriously

    heidi doesn't do anything anyway.
  13. PR 4 has not been ironed out and Parsons has not been ironed out as a filming site as well, according to bloggingprojectrunway. Someone suggested that maybe Liz C. may be a sponsor of PR4? Interesting.
  14. The article linked said that Tim being with Liz Claiborne doesn't preclude him from being part of PR4... I hope that's the case!
  15. :crybaby: Tim?
    I'm getting to that age where once I love a show...I don't want ANYone to leave or any element to change...