When does Paypal release money

  1. Sold an item on *bay and was under the impression I'd receive my balance either by 21 days after the payment or when I received positive feedback. I've gotten the positive feedback, 2 days ago. How will it take?
  2. It can take up to 24 hours but if in doubt just give them a ring and it's usually released straight away... :smile:
  3. I would think you should get it right away..Call them..
  4. in my case, the buyer paid on friday, i shipped the bag on monday and put the tracking number on paypal straight away and left positive feedback on the buyer.
    the buyer left the feedback on wednesday and paypal released my fund on thursday
  5. Phoned and asked payfoe, rep was useless, now I'm on hold to talk to someone else the call is going on half an hour.

    Edit: hung up, if it's not in my account within a week, I'll try again...
  6. Hmmm. When a great buyer and tPFer left me positive feedback, I was able to call PP and they released my funds. Keep calling back and try to get a decent rep. It can be released immediately.
  7. As soon as the feedback was left the money should have been released. In my experience the money was never released automatically. I had to call for them to release the funds. I swear...It makes you want to snatch them through the phone. Your money should have been released the day you called. Besides it sounds as if three days since delivery has passed anyways. Dont give up and certainly dont let them keep your money 21 days.
  8. I think it gets released 3 days after the FB is left, if it's the '21 day' hold. I never had it happen immediately, and only experienced it twice so far.
  9. It gets released 3 days after deliver if no feedback is left. If feedback is left it is supposed to be released immediately.