When does Heritage/Tattersall come out?

  1. Has anyone heard when the Heritage and/or Tattersall items are coming out? Know Sprinkles' great post said fall but wasn't sure if anyone had any more specifics...I'm curious about the totes I've heard for both lines but want to know how much of a wait I'm in for.

    Has anyone seen any pictures on any of these items? Know I've seen a tattersall cosmetics case in a few magazines (it's in the most recent Oprah, for one) but would love to see more.

  2. I did notice the Tattersall coat is on the site now for $595. It's cute...
  3. The tattersall bag/accessories will be out later this season, I believe it's october! There is a wallet, coin case, cosmetic case, scarf, large tote, umbrellas and possibly a few more :smile:

    The collection with the tattersall lining is bleeker and I believe that's october as well :smile:
  4. Thanks for the info - October's not too far off!
  5. Does anyone know exactly when the Heritage Totes come out into stores/ website?
  6. The heritage totes are up on Coach Japan right now, but there should be hitting stores at the end of Jan. 08
  7. Thanks!!! I can't wait--but I have to, until Feb. So lets hope they dont come out until the end of Jan, beginning of Feb, caz I know they will sell out in the pink...everything in pink always sells out:sweatdrop: I seriously NEED this bag!!!!!!