When does Gucci have a sale?

  1. Hi, Just want to ask every when does Gucci have a sale? Do they have a sale during the first quarter of the year or is it only towards the end of the year?
  2. Usually around Nov/Dec and May/June
  3. ^^^ Yep exactly
  4. I didn't think the sale was that great. Maybe because all the bags & stuff I was interested in were still full price. But yep, just missed the winter sale so gotta wait for spring/summer now :yes:
  5. I bought 3 Gucci bags and 3 wallets at their winter sale. They're all great deals - 30% - 60% off plus tax. The next sale would be in June. Winter sale starts in November until supplies last.
  6. oh I can't wait!!
  7. the sale items...my personal thought...

    the designs are getting worse!!! like

    [​IMG]:sick:the WEB COLOR...and the design
  8. o! and the sale is 30%...?...:smile:but sometimes the ugly ones dont sell...like the one above...and they go lower! 50% sale lol
  9. i can't wait for the june sale (lol)