when does eluxury charge your card?

  1. I was just wondering when eluxury usually charges your credit card. Mine has already shipped, but when I check my amex online, I don't see the charge yet. What has been your experience with this?
  2. Yep that happens all the time. The charges show up as pending for awhile.
  3. I noticed that too. I think they get authorization right away and the probably charge it when it ships, but it takes another day or two to show up online for Amex. Don't worry, they will charge you, but we could all dream about free LV huh! :graucho:
  4. Well then you may want to call up American Express and ask them that question. Maybe you have a freebee???
  5. Elux first charges ONE DOLLAR ..to verify its a good accnt..then when it ships...They charge the full amount.
  6. Yes it generally takes a few days for it to hit my card. I have gotten most of my items, then about a week later I see the charge.
  7. That's totally normal, it can take several days from the order date for it to show up. Sometimes even if you purchase it on one billing cycle, it will show up on the next one if it's close enough.
  8. I think it might also me an Amex thing. It seems whenever I use mine it takes a while to show up on my statement online.
  9. My experience has been that it takes a couple of days before the charge to post to the account when viewing it online.