when does elux get new bags, like neverfull?

  1. do they get new things right away, like the shops, or is there a delay? thanks!
  2. From what I have seen, boutiques get their items first, and then new stuff slowly starts to appear on eLux.
  3. thanks!!!
  4. And the thing is , you never know when or what will show up on elux but there sure are people out there watching, they snap up the new stuff the moment it appears!
  5. Yea, they get things slowly. If you want something quick and its new...just call the 800 number. They will always help!
  6. Is that the 800 number for Elux or LV?

  7. 866 for LV
    877 for eLux
  8. they just received the trunks and bags pochette !!!
  9. I agree with John. I think the boutique gets the new item first.

    From the date code that I saw before, it seems like Elux got an item that is produced awhile ago?? While Boutique got the most recent item produced? May be I'm wrong.
  10. running to check out the pochette....
  11. *darn* it's gone!