When does/did the seasonal sale take place at Marc Jacobs in L.A.?

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  1. So sorry if this has been asked before, but I was reading the big sales going on at MJ in NYC and London, and it has made me wonder: When does the L.A. store have their seasonal sale? Have I missed it already?
  2. ^ Their shoes and clothing sale started a while ago (40% -> 50% -> 70%). I remember seeing mark downs when I was there in October & November. I'm told that bags are never included in seasonal sales.

    Every now and then, a certain store marks down bags from past seasons (very old styles get sent to a central location). Selma bags (NY's $200 sale) are from Fall 2005, Wonder & Cinched Tote (included in NY's last $200 sale) are from Resort 2004. Boston store's 70% off sale (last May) included not-so-hot items from Resort 05 (QUILTED DENIM, PERFORATED LEATHER, SATIN) and Spring 06 (ABELYN, GABARDINE, MILITARY, SIXTIES, URSULA Lee, some SOFT CALF).
  3. ^^ the last NY sale was actually $150 for the spearmint wonder bags!
  4. This go round I actually got some other bags but was really early in line. I think they were mostly 04, 05 and left over fall 06. While on sale they were however not the $150 bags they were like 70% off. c
  5. I only remember reading about the sale here that day, couldn't keep track of the prices. I'm getting old and forgetful, thanks for the correction. =)
  6. Good for you, congrats. Which bags did you get?
  7. Ladies, I am just sharing with you what I heard from my SAs whom I work with from various stores. You can always call the individual boutique & ask about their sales, here are the numbers:

    Boston: 617-425-0707
    SF: 415-362-6500
    LA: 323-653-5100
    LV: 702-369-2007
    NY: 212-343-1490
  8. Hi I got an older venetia (emerald) and a fall 06 hobo (black). c
  9. 70% sounds fabulous! Do deals like that ever take place at the L.A. store? I would be there buying out the goods :biggrin:
  10. Emerald was made in Resort 2004 (green suede lining, silver hardware) and Fall 2006 (navy blue suede lining, gold hardware), the color itself looks different.

    I'm not sure which hobo you are referring.

    Congrats & enjoy. =)
  11. i went to the la store today.

    70% off fall shoes and rtw
    sizes limited and not that much rtw