when does coach go on sale?

  1. Hi! Just wondering when does coach go on sale? I know for a fact that gucci has two in a year, one in june nad another one in December. Would you guys know anything about this? Thanks in advance :smile:
  2. only coach at the outlets and the dept. stores ever goes on sale.
  3. I second that, but every so often they send out Perferred Customer Discounts, though they do it randomly each time, so you won't get picked each time,just make sure that you sign up for emails and such.
  4. And shoes will go on sale at the boutiques when they are getting ready to bring in new ones. Usually at 40% off. But other than that PCE is your only option for discounts at the boutiques.

    For info on PCE go here: http://forum.purseblog.com/coach-pce-preferred-customer-event/
  5. OCE isn't technically a sale though.
  6. You have to sign up for email alerts in order to get the PCE? :confused1:
    how much is the discount? :smile:
  7. 25% off! :smile:
  8. Wow thats a great discount!
  9. Even if you sign up for everything, you still might not get a PCE. And while it's not technically a sale, it's 25% off and that counts as a sale in my book. It's just not a sale to the general public.
  10. I have seen coach go on sale at boutiques.
  11. There is a shoe sale on the web site now.

    There are also factory sales or discounts, online (by invitation only) and in store, and factory clearance sales. However there is a lot of confusion as to whether these are actually discount sales or not.
  12. Coach also has other promotions. For example, Facebook coupon or Guilt coupon at 25% off at full price stores.