When does Chanel new collection become available in US?


Dec 24, 2012
Sorry if this is common knowledge to some, but i would like to know when the Chanel collections usually become available in stores in the US. I’m very interested in a seasonal woc that I really like, but I have my doubts about it having parts of calfskin leather instead of all being caviar. The SA texted me that it is part lambskin part caviar. The Chanel website says calfskin and caviar. Is that the same?
Part of me wants to see if other colors/all caviar are about to be released. Sometimes I think I should just get it, because like you know if it is gone it’s gone. Other times I think since I have doubts I should wait even if it sold out. Do I take the bird in hand or wait for a better bird in the bush? Help
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Jun 14, 2020
There is a fall discussion thread here.

but i have seen other TPFer recently got this fm Nordstrom