when does cambon sale end?

  1. I know numerous people have asked this in diff threads and no one seemed to have replied, but when does the Saks/NM chanel sale end..anyone ask there SA? if you know, please post. thanks.
  2. I was in Saks Portland today and the sales told me the next big sale is gonna be before the Christmas....most of the " Good" stuff was gone already....
  3. this saturday for Saks
  4. ^^ great, i hope the people who were asking, see this. thanks.
    btw, did u ever get the gucci PM re:I sent you"???
  5. No problem pgurl! I didnt get the PM =(

    Have you gotten your bag yet??
  6. uh oh
    jen if i get it today (saturday) will it still be on sale in Saks?
  7. Hey Lyn! Yea it will be, as long as you order before closing. btw, I'll reply to your PM soon!
  8. wtf? I sent you back the reply =(
    im getting it in the mail today.
    if u still want the info, I can call customer service and have her give me the item#...
  9. ^ aww thanks pgurl! I found the item locator when it popped back up online (but was out of stock) and no luck =( Oh well, I'll just admire your's
  10. After the sale does saks put everything back to regular price?
  11. just confirmed the chanel sale at saks ends today. the rest of the sale ends 06/20/06
  12. I just called Saks NY, and they said that the Chanel sale for shoes does not end today, which is conflicting against other information?