When does Balenciaga make their next seaons swatches avail.?

  1. Just wondering how far in advance Balenciaga lets people know what their next seasons color are.

    i.e. - when will we know the holiday colors this year (if any) and/or pre-spring 2007?
  2. Already thinking of next season huh? :graucho:
  3. ^^I know, I know - i've got it bbaaaddd. None of the other pre-fall/fall color interest me enough to purchase (although there are some lovely ones) - so I need to look ahead....hum, or behind I guess!
  4. beaux, u're craving to know the new colours that BAD? :roflmfao:
  5. I'm starting to feel the same way. The more I look at the Blue India pics, the more I dislike it.:crybaby: I may change my mind when I see it in person, though.:P I do looove the Rouge Vif, though.:heart:
  6. ^^Yeah, me too. I wish I loved blue india, but it's just not me.
  7. Good question! I'd love to pick up a small metallic first at some point - hopefuly someone here knows the preview swatch availability!
  8. I'd love to see some light, bright and vibrant colors for S/S 2007. The A/W colors were nice but understated. Hopefully they make something that pops...*fingers crossed*
  9. I agree... I want some fun colors for spring. something in the yellow, orange or limey family, PLEASE!
  10. ^^ I agree. I think that's why I love the rouge vif and also emerald from earlier this year. They were two impact colors.
  11. Colors for Spring 2007 have been announced. I haven't yet seen swatches though! This is what they are being called. Not sure of the all the translations! By the way, I saw a pic of a first in the Marrone and the hardware has changed!! Will be interesting to see what is released!

    Truffle (Not sure if it's the same as 06 Fall)
    Marrone/Cafe - this is the only swatch I saw - it's a dark chocolate
    Vert Gazon
    Vert D'eau
    Rouge Vermillion
  12. my rough translation:

    natural - could be cool- no dye? neat! super soft leather acometh!
    brown ?
    chocolate ?
    Vert gazon - green grass - googled it- came up with a yellow-green, closer to lime http://g.cohen.free.fr/images/green.jpg
    vert d'eau - water green or green of the water - sounds like seafoam http://www.polyrey.sk/products/T3/T3-I024.gif
    marine - means navy in french according to babelfish... but could also be a blue-green? *prays*
    turquoise - well know the color turquoise
    vermillion is kind of an orangey red in paint

    so... no yellow? *pouts*
  13. What has the hardware changed to?
  14. My Sa told me that there is a turquoise
  15. How exciting- new hardware!!! WOO HOO!:yahoo:
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